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Far Right ‘Hate Factory’ on Facebook Spreading Islamophobia

Article one These are from theGuardian. I don’t think these will get as much attention as they should because a certain country was exposed for criminal activity. Facebook has failed … Continue reading

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Iran is Wetting the Bed Even Before Anything has Happened.

Bolton’s ROTFL’ing right about now.  Just the thought of Ol Johnny here makes Zarif feel weak in the knees.  So the Saudis have released photos of drone wreckage.  Lots of … Continue reading

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What If the Democrats Aren’t Low IQ?

I may have been working under the wrong assumption. I’ve always just assumed that the Democrats were very dense, but what if they were actually Machiavellian instead?  That’s a very … Continue reading

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The Israeli Elections Have Broken the IDF Users on 4Chang

Israeli soldiers (and numerous other PR groups) have been known to lurk 4Chang for years. At first it was to promote pro Israel politics on 4Chang, but it appears that … Continue reading

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This is How You Keep All Your Enemies in Suspense


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Ultra Liberal Reddit is Slowly Siding with China

Good news. For weeks, the r/worldnews subreddit had been spammed by numerous HK activists pushing users to sympathize with the HK protests. But an article submitted yesterday has gone against … Continue reading

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How Trump Forced the Left to Talk About “No Preconditions” Willingly…

3 years on and they still haven’t clued in.  Do you know how hard it was to get the word out about Trump’s attempts to negotiate peace, but now the … Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s Wife is “Not healthy,” Says Sheldon Adelson’s Wife.

-Multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson, once Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s key supporter, and his wife Miriam testified to police that Sara Netanyahu was “crazy” and that “she decides everything,” including key appointments … Continue reading

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Watch: Senior Citizens Beaten with Weapons by Hong Kong Protesters

Western shills are very angry that this video was released.  They spent so much money to propagandize Hong Kong, only to have their “protesters” exposed by the Chinese news. A … Continue reading

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Oh No! Trump Isn’t Acting the Way We Wanted Him To! AM LITERUHLY CRYING RIGHT NOW

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Dayton Mass Murderer Connor Betts Possibly Jewish. His Sister was Trans LGBT.

In the immediate aftermath of the Dayton shooting, dozens of intellectuals and even 1 US senator called it a “white supremacist” shooting.  It turns out that Connor and his sister … Continue reading

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Parents Catch FBI in Plot to Force Mentally Ill Son to be a Right Wing Terrorist.

By Matt Agorist It’s become a near-weekly occurrence. Somewhere in some state, the FBI will announce that they’ve foiled yet another terrorist plot and saved lives. However, as the data … Continue reading

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The Smith Mundt Act, MK Ultra, and Lone Wolf Shooters.

Ever wonder what people mean when they say MK Ultra?  The most common misconception of MK Ultra is that the victim is first put into contact with a machine that … Continue reading

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Today I learned that South Africa’s Spies Hate Israel Too

This is an article from 2015 that I thought would be interesting to share. It appears that even South Africa gets its fair share of false flags and meddling. From … Continue reading

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Black Trump Supporters Still Processing. + ‘The Squad’ is Actually a Group of 4 Very High IQ Women.

Black Trump supporters are still trying to process Trump’s racist comments. A link to the Twitter video is included below. I think that this ‘go back’ comment hit a lot … Continue reading

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Charity Starts With the Family

This is something that my parents taught me and as you grow older, you start to realize that the only honesty that exists in your life are the life lessons … Continue reading

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Every Liberal I Talk to Seems to Think That Conservatives are Nazis

On my last post I made a joke emulating what someone said to me a while back: that Trump was “literally Hitler.”  Are conservatives really nazis? I always get straight … Continue reading

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“I Need People to Break the Laws of the Country I Swore to Protect”

By mentioning “demographics,” is Kamala Harris saying that whites need to be replaced? What a racist thing for a senator to say…that laws need to be broken in order to … Continue reading

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The US Takes the High Ground. Pompeo is Advancing as a Skilled Statesman.

Big shift in the international scene. Pompeo employs sophisticated strategies, while Iran continues to regress. Here’s the proof. Pretty soon public perception of Iran will collapse and they will be … Continue reading

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Google is Always Watching

Theory Time I watch the news casually these days. It’s why I wasn’t around to write anything about the Seattle crane collapse, the Notre Dame fire, and the Sri Lanka … Continue reading

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What Causes a Normal Person to Become a White Supremacist?

Boy life must suck for white supremacists. Imagine having to beg congress for permission every time that: 1 Please sir, please let me defend my household from criminals. 2 Please … Continue reading

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A Journey Into the Mind’s Eye. Part 2

Watch this video about Disney This isn’t just fringe conspiracy. It was so bad that they had to dispatch the mainstream media to put out the fires. You can search … Continue reading

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Physician Gives 4 Yr Old Boy Marijuana Cookies for Temper Tantrums.

Oh Come on! It’s 2019 already. Give the kid some meth! It’s the only progressive thing to do! From the BBC. Dr William Eidelman, a natural medicine physician, said small … Continue reading

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Is Dumpster Diving a Mental Illness?

You know, if he she would take super male vitality supplements, he she might become a bit less neurotic. He might see actual humans again!

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Has Been Singer Cher’s Meltdown on Twitter Over the Syria Withdrawal.

Chill out ya flippin psycho. Not every little thing is the end of the world. No wonder everybody laughs at liberals! Besides, the Syria pull out is congruent with international … Continue reading

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I Like How Schumer Recoiled When Trump Emphasized the Word “CRIMINAL” in Criminal Justice Reform (Video)

In the first 14 seconds of this video, Trump turns to Schumer and says CRIMINAL. Chuck Schumer recoils like a reptile and clasps his hands reactively as if to pet … Continue reading

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Code Pink BTFOs Warshill at the Hudson Institute

  That face you make when civilians discover you’re trying to get American soldiers to fight Israel’s battles. Best video of the day.  

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Is Being Pessimist Normal?

You bet it is! There is nothing in the rules saying that you CAN’T be positively pessimist! Take this video for example. Is there a correct way to react to … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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