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My Advice to Asians Living in the Unites States: Get Guns

There is no delicate way to put this, unless I were to choose to go the mainstream media route and blame the recent wave of anti Asian violence on “youths” … Continue reading

03/11/2021 · Leave a comment

March 1 Jimmy Dore Episode. (Video)

In this episode, Jimmy Dore and Max Blumenthal explain why Cornell West was denied tenure at Harvard. It’s no secret that “race” is the premium topic on editorial planning boards … Continue reading

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Big Trouble for the Elites

In the past, the elites would dismiss their actions as “simple coincidence,” – that the population was wide and diverse enough to allow such deviations from normalcy to occur. They … Continue reading

02/24/2021 · 2 Comments

Biden to Ban the Term “China Flu” from Government Statements

Asians finally getting a little bit of love from the government.  Maybe Joe Biden isn’t so bad after all!

01/27/2021 · 1 Comment

Examples of Loxism. (Real Tweets and Actual MSM articles)

– I was thinking last night about how my ancestors were victims of slavery.  They were used as slaves to build the railroads during the nascent stages of America and … Continue reading

01/26/2021 · 1 Comment

It’s Official. B’Tselem Designates the Current Israeli Government as an Apartheid Regime (Racist Supremacists)

B’Tselem is the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights. The top human rights NGO in Jerusalem. This effectively overrides everything that Pat Robertson believes in, (Neocons, Globalists, and Neolibs included).

01/14/2021 · 1 Comment

Fa-fa-fa-fa-fascism. (Internet Fascism). It’s Very Popular Inside Mainstream Echochambers.

Power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts. Witness Twitter’s ideological dysphoria refusing reconciliation with its own previous maxims. We have a lot to fear from big tech censorship, even if … Continue reading

01/12/2021 · 1 Comment

NED Admits to Disinformation Campaigns in China

The National Endowment for Democracy is a military agency that produces films and social media content aimed at fomenting dissent and cultural destabilization. A brief list of groups that NED … Continue reading

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Racist Rabbi Furious that George Floyd was Honored at a Florida Museum

Remember this racist rabbi? . He posted up a racist rant on Youtube 2 days ago. Listen to the rage in his voice.  People like Dov Hikind need to be … Continue reading

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Palestinian Homes are Being Stolen from Them.

David vs Goliath A Palestinian boy armed with rocks battles 14 goons armed with assault rifles and body armor. Angela Davis on Palestine Slavery and theft In Palestine, brutal oppression … Continue reading

06/16/2020 · 2 Comments

Hong Kong Protesters are Anti-BLM. Backstabs George Floyd Protesters.

Hong Kong’s ‘pro-democracy’ movement allies with far-right US politicians that seek to crush Black Lives Matter As a Hong Kong protest leader promotes far-right condemnations of US anti-racism demonstrations and … Continue reading

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James Bennet, the Guy who Approved Tom Cotton’s Op-ed Resigns.

Ever wonder about the elite? The one percent? The aristocrats? The recipients of bailouts and white privilege?  The ones whose opinions are valued above the common man? They are immune … Continue reading

06/09/2020 · 2 Comments

Minnesota Protests.

Protesters are being bombed with teargas, and the State threatens to send the National Guard against them. I believe this violates the rights of civilians, not to mention George Floyd’s … Continue reading

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The People are Fighting Back Against Nuanced Racism. Smarter and Smarter.

For decades the ADL have steered millions of dollars into lobbying congress. As such, many seemingly inconspicuous things such as lawsuits, political talking points, and even Hollywood/TV movie plots have … Continue reading

05/18/2020 · 1 Comment

Australia is Going Bonkers.

Australia: Let’s investigate China China: No. Tackling COVID is much more important. Australia: ABSURD. UNPRECEDENTED. SOVIET UNION! COMMUNISTS! China: Well excuuuse me princess.       Alex Downer. April 29 … Continue reading

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New Jersey Shooting. Word on the Street. Update.

Joan Terrel defends Jersey City residents over the shootings that happened in New Jersey last week. And now they have openly declared war on the black community. Joan Terrel is … Continue reading

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White Privilege on Suicide Watch. Racists BTFO.

A new Presidential executive order calls for combatting anti-semitism on college campuses. The executive order takes funding away from colleges and universities that support BDS, and it was given the … Continue reading

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Whoopi Goldberg Has Something in Common with President Trump? (Video)

Oh boy. Hell hath frozen over! It’s a 9 second soundbyte of Whoopi rebuking Pamela Geller. This video also explains in brief what the “draw muhammad contest” was all about, … Continue reading

11/08/2019 · 2 Comments

Emily Zamourka Blessed with a Second Chance in Life

The story brings two smiles to people’s faces. Her voice is said to be that of an angel’s, and at the same time it demonstrates that there is a yearning … Continue reading

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Elijah Cummings: Baltimore is “Drug Infested.” Kamalla Shook by Marijuana Scandal.

There was recently a tiff on Twitter insisting that Trump was a racist for using the word “Infested.” However an old video has surfaced showing the senator from Baltimore using … Continue reading

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Video of Ilhan Omar Speaking of Al Queda with Glee and of America with Disgust.

The relevant point can be seen at 1:08 when Omar references the word America with disgust.  It’s a very basic thing when faces accompany the words to express feelings.  It’s … Continue reading

07/29/2019 · 8 Comments

Birds of a Feather. (Video Included)

This may be old news by now, but it’s still quite big. Black teen shot dead by off duty cop in Israel.  Here are some facts that would get American … Continue reading

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Black and Christian, the New Discrimination.

After yelling about inclusion, women’s World Cup team excludes rare black player for her Christian faith From the American Thinker After yelling about inclusion, women’s World Cup team excludes rare … Continue reading

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19 yr Old McDonald’s Manager Tasered, Punched, Slashed, Because “He Voted for Trump”

But he was only 17yrs old 2 years ago, which means he couldn’t have voted.  This is why people didn’t vote for Hillary. HAYWOOD COUNTY, Tenn. — A Haywood County … Continue reading

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AdidasUK Posts Racist Tweet.

This tweet is still up if you’re fast enough to check it. They messed up big time. It’s been up for two hours, and already has thousands of replies and … Continue reading

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Old Movie Review. Don’t Call me Grandpa.

Movie night. My friends and I would gather for half off Wednesdays. Our cars were minty, we had on our freshest gear, everybody showered, and it was always the liveliest … Continue reading

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Baltimore Incident Picking Up Traction. Whites Assaulted at Random. Racially Profiled.

The incident that occurred over the memorial day weekend is slowly picking up steam on Twitter.  White people were targetted for their skin color as hundreds of youths rampaged the … Continue reading

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A Journey Into the Mind’s Eye Part 1

Strong Independent Woman.  Forced to pledge allegiance to a foreign nation. University prof. Human rights activist. First black woman to represent Georgia in the House. B.A. in international relations.  M.A. … Continue reading

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Ilhan Omar, the First Muslim Woman in Congress is Absolutely Tearing it Up on Social Media!

Good for her. We need more strong women willing to stand up to modern day oppression! Followers everywhere are coming to her side to support her as she faces absolute … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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