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G20 Day 2 – Putin Knows How to Make an Entrance

Day 2 of the G-20, Putin arrives on the scene with what appears to be the only armored limo amongst all the other 4 door Audis and Benzes the other … Continue reading

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Personally, I’m Willing to Hear Chancellor Merkel Out

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opposes the new anti Russian sanctions drafted by the US Senate.  The dispute is over the negative impact the sanctions would have on the price of … Continue reading

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Hottie Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova: Crimea is Our Land

…all there is to know about the crying game, dong dong dong dong! Hottie foreign minister Maria Zakharova in a press statement, responds to the US Shadow government’s demand for … Continue reading

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Hottie Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova: “We are All Hostages to it” (Obama Administration’s Projection of Internal Issues)

With several choice words, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova delivers a powerful message. “He [Obama] had received a credit [of trust] to perform a particular job as the head … Continue reading

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Vitaly Churkin: “Over 200,000 Residents of Aleppo are Hostages of the Al-Nusra Front and Groups Allied With it.”

In a meeting with the United Nations Security Council, Russia’s envoy Vitaly Churkin reminds UN members, that Western backers are still supplying arms to Al-Nusra, while the US turns a … Continue reading

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Watch US Senator Graham Teeter Back and Forth Like an Angry Baby as he Coaxes Ash Carter and Joe Dunford to do a Ritual Circle-Jerk at Capitol Hill.

Absolutely mortifying. Senator Graham’s intent in this clip is to discredit Barack Obama. At the same time, lots of double speak is being used, to make it appear as if … Continue reading

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World War 2 in Numbers: Price for the Peace (Video)

This video brought me sadness.  Everything I learned about WW2 in school convinced me that Britain and the US alone (with minor contributions by other countries like Canada and France) … Continue reading

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French couple decorates Russian hero of Syria op with family’s WWII medals

  Russia’s embassy in Paris reports that a French couple has sent the family’s WWII medals to the diplomatic mission, to be handed over to the family of a Russian … Continue reading

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London – Center of Spiderweb. Panama Papers

w w w . yahoo . com/news/panama-papers-reveal-london-centre-spiders-173713142.html London (AFP) – As-well as shining a spotlight on the secret financial arrangements of the rich and powerful, the so-called Panama Papers have … Continue reading

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Soros Behind Panama Papers.

So now that Russia has won the race to destroy ISIS, is Soros taking revenge? From RT: US Government, Soros funded Panama Papers to attack Putin – Wikileaks On Wednesday, … Continue reading

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What? You’ve never heard of Peter Ilyich Tachikovsky before? Well then, listen on. You might recognize this song. You might even be surprised, that many of the beautiful music you’ve … Continue reading

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Flight Recorder To be Decoded Soon.

The flight recorder of the downed Su-24 has been presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin.   It was brought by Russia’s Defense Minister Shoigu and uncovered in front of the press.

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Europeans Have No One Else to Blame but… Soros

We like feminism, we like human rights, we like equality, we like national identity, we like multiculturalism. But not when these are twisted beyond recognition. First off, this is not … Continue reading

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US Airstrikes in Deir ez-Ezzor Followed Up With ISIS Ground Troops.

The recent attack by US led airstrikes in Deir ez-Ezzor was followed up with ISIS militants moving in.  4 Syrians were killed with up to 13 wounded in the airstrike.  … Continue reading

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Canada Brings You the Best Because Canada Cares

A Female Canadian Soldier who had been fighting with the YPG Kurds tells it like it is. ISIS from about a year ago, had been going village to village to … Continue reading

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Russian Military Reveals Details of ISIS-Turkey Oil Smuggling

Hot hot hot. Fresh MoD report.  The Turkey-ISIS oil routes from ISIS occupied oil refineries.

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Syrian President Bashar Assad on Czech TV

Fresh new interview with the Syrian President Bashar Assad.  His thoughts on ISIS, the western coalition, and Russia. It’s important to remember that the Syrian people choose Bashar Assad over … Continue reading

12/01/2015 · 1 Comment

Cyka Blyat! Turkish Citizen Caught on Camera.

Notice the similarity between this, and the excuse Turkey gave the UN after Turkey shot down the SU-24. “the nationality of which are unknown” Sounds like they were both coached … Continue reading

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Rescued Russian Pilot: No Warnings Were Received

A letter sent by Turkey to the UN claimed that 10 warnings were issued in a space of 5 minutes.  However, the surviving pilot who was rescued by the Syrian … Continue reading

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Turkey Inches NATO Closer to Global War

It was only at the end of October when the US sent a squadron of f-15’s to Turkey in a bid to “fight” ISIS, when ISIS possesses no warplanes. Now … Continue reading

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Flimsy Damage control on Bataclan Story. The “Too Much Work, and Not Enough Pay” Excuse.

What else is the general public not being told about?  Shouldn’t safety have been the top most priority? Considering the severity of the terrorist attacks in France last week, shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Are the Kabbalists (Occultists) Getting Sloppy?

Shortly before Halloween, a strange Reddit article made the front page of r/Worldnews.  News articles on Reddit are pushed to the top through reader vetted votings, so the more votes … Continue reading

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A Documentary About Kabbalah. (preface to “Are the Kabbalists [Occultists] Getting Sloppy?”)

An ancient occult religion based on numbers and letters.  A belief in Apotheosis.

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Michelle Bachmann Approves

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A Small Prayer for the Victims of the Attacks in France

A small prayer for the families and friends of those we lost yesterday in France. The families and friends need time to mourn, and time to search for answers.  Please … Continue reading

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The Deeper We Dig, The More Evil is Discovered

You sometimes have to ask: why do American and British Christian Congressmen fear criticisms of Israel. This documentary explains how Christians are considered a lower class. How Jesus, God’s only … Continue reading

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IS Commanders Talking to Nusra About Uniting Forces Against Syria

From RT The Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday its intelligence had overheard Islamic State commanders talking to Al-Nusra Front about uniting forces against the Syrian Army. The Russian Air … Continue reading

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Former US Prez Jimmy Carter Sends Russia Maps of ISIS Locations in Syria

From Freebeacon Former President Jimmy Carter has provided maps of Islamic State positions in Syria to the Russian Embassy in Washington. Big on the discussion was how to improve the … Continue reading

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Exceptionalism Knows no Bounds

Need any more proof that the west is doing pirouettes in the twilight zone? From NYT. The Army general in charge of the Pentagon’s failed $500 million program to train … Continue reading

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