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Inflation or Deflation?

Going to be honest. I understand a bit about these two things, about as much as a normal person could, given what is available to read on the web. The … Continue reading

04/14/2021 · 1 Comment

Mannequin (Video)

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Our Governments are Useless.

I did a quick search on Reddit for Scientology.  There’s a lot of hate for scientology, and I’m not at all bothered by this. From coercion, to scare tactics, to … Continue reading

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Biden to Ban the Term “China Flu” from Government Statements

Asians finally getting a little bit of love from the government.  Maybe Joe Biden isn’t so bad after all!

01/27/2021 · 1 Comment

Examples of Loxism. (Real Tweets and Actual MSM articles)

– I was thinking last night about how my ancestors were victims of slavery.  They were used as slaves to build the railroads during the nascent stages of America and … Continue reading

01/26/2021 · 1 Comment

Mr Dorsey. Please Review What Your Actions Have Wrought Over the Past Summer.

The internet has been a fantastic innovation for all of us to connect with other people around the world, but you and your allies in big tech are responsible for … Continue reading

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Fa-fa-fa-fa-fascism. (Internet Fascism). It’s Very Popular Inside Mainstream Echochambers.

Power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts. Witness Twitter’s ideological dysphoria refusing reconciliation with its own previous maxims. We have a lot to fear from big tech censorship, even if … Continue reading

01/12/2021 · 1 Comment

Hey You. What Do You Think You’re Doing?!

The latest and greatest smartphones are so expensive that people resort to paying for them through financing. They’re not automobiles! Internet people go off the rails at the slightest hint … Continue reading

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Let’s Laugh at Borat

You know him as the green one piece wearing comedian who has more body hair than house carpet, but did you know that he is also racist? Watch this video … Continue reading

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Pot Meet Kettle

I was having a chuckle watching State governors do absolutely nothing to squash the riots.  You know it flips Ted Cruz’s lispy lid whenever he sees the Hong Kong police … Continue reading

09/28/2020 · 2 Comments

Alannah Myles – Black Velvet

I remember listening to this back in my 20’s and I thought to myself, “hey this is a pretty good song!”  I couldn’t listen to it too often however.  I … Continue reading

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Lauryn Hill – Everything is Everything

  Here’s another good one. Her voice has a very calming effect.  People need to chill and focus instead all their anger on the corrupt establishment news media. Grosskreutz was … Continue reading

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Will NY Real Estate Values Plummet?

Riots, fires, and looting.  I’m hearing whispers of white flight. Meaning that white people are fleeing New York, leaving behind all their valued homes and appartments! Millions furloughed and millions … Continue reading

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Weimar’s Golden Years Were in 1924-1928. America’s was from 2008 to 2016

Germany was absolutely wrecked in the aftermath of the first world war. Hyperinflation, extreme degeneracy, neighbors demanding reparations, child prostitution, drugs, and a German people thoroughly crippled & completely demoralized.  … Continue reading

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The Money

We need to fix everything: -Deincentivise predatory trading -A cap on fees and commissions that stock brokers make -A limit on the number of trades per month people can make … Continue reading

08/21/2020 · 2 Comments

Every Time a Confederate Statue is Defaced or Toppled…

Narcissists take everything personally.  A real good question is if the MAGA crowd all feel the same way. Narcissism is both naturally occuring, and infectious!

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1997 Movie Clip. The Devil’s Advocate. “God’s Special Little Creature.” Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves.

Eddie Barzoon reminds me  of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.  The face, the rage, the weight, the helplessness, everything about Pompeo is shown here in this movie clip of Eddie … Continue reading

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The Resistance

Son I am disappoint Cancel culture Antifa Virtue signalling Obama. “8 years, zero scandals.” Parents who grew up playing World of Warcraft 19 hours a day. “Woke” liberals Google employees … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Businessweek Posts Racist Cover. Here’s What Triggered It.

Riding the bandwagon of nationwide protests, Bloomberg posts a racist cover contrasting Blacks versus Whites.  Is Bloomberg trying to incite a race war? If you carefully scan the picture above, … Continue reading

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The People are Fighting Back Against Nuanced Racism. Smarter and Smarter.

For decades the ADL have steered millions of dollars into lobbying congress. As such, many seemingly inconspicuous things such as lawsuits, political talking points, and even Hollywood/TV movie plots have … Continue reading

05/18/2020 · 1 Comment

Hong Kong

I remember Hong Kong fondly. “He took a deep breath of air. Once again he caught a strangeness on the wind, neither pleasant nor unpleasant, neither odor nor perfume—just strange, … Continue reading

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When the Going Gets Good, Try to Keep Things in Perspective

A number of countries have passed the peak of infection. We’ve built provisionary hospitals, enacted lockdowns, and fostered a need for communities to work together.  All of that did not … Continue reading

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Impulse Control Tip.

When I miss a meal, often I hear myself say “I’m so hungry!” And it’s weird because often it’s in the voices of numerous different people that I’ve either met … Continue reading

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Holocaust Revisionism. Let’s Learn About the Disobedient Media

This is a book written by a Justice Department Agent named David G Marwell. David G Marwell is a former Museum of Jewish Heritage director. His book is considered the … Continue reading

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Barbaric US War Adventurism is a Plague to Humanity.

The Iraqi people have a parasite problem. Trump and Congress Double Down on Demonizing Iran Will the national security nightmare ever end? Philip Giraldi  January 14, 2020 If one seriously … Continue reading

01/15/2020 · 1 Comment

Is Spiritual Capital Worth More than Quality Spiritual Investors?

This isn’t meant to spark division between Christian denominations, but I thought it would be interesting to explore this topic.  If favor from God is influenced by the number of … Continue reading

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Good People to Listen to.

Perhaps these people, in a way, are blessings given to the Earth. Because even with all this deception and trickery, we have these people who remain constant in their beliefs, … Continue reading

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Australia Just Experienced its Hottest Day on Record

The Bureau of Meteorology (Bom) said “extensive” heat on Tuesday exceeded the previous record of 40.3C set on 7 January 2013. The record comes as the nation battles a severe … Continue reading

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White Privilege on Suicide Watch. Racists BTFO.

A new Presidential executive order calls for combatting anti-semitism on college campuses. The executive order takes funding away from colleges and universities that support BDS, and it was given the … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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