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Russians and Ukrainians are One People – Vladimir Putin

“Recently, while answering a question during my Direct Line Q&A session about Russian-Ukrainian relations, I said that Russians and Ukrainians are one people – a common whole. These words are … Continue reading

07/14/2021 · 14 Comments

Ukraine has surrendered itself to control from West, no point in meeting Zelensky when decisions are made in Washington – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he is unlikely to meet with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, because the country’s policies are set not by lawmakers in Kiev, but overseas … Continue reading

06/30/2021 · Leave a comment

Russia ready to back waiving intellectual property rights for Covid vaccines, as Putin says now ‘not the time to maximize profits’

 Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Moscow would support relinquishing patent rights for Covid-19 vaccines, given the importance of fighting the pandemic. The proposals to waive intellectual property rights … Continue reading

05/06/2021 · Leave a comment

Gary Kasparov Goes Into Hysterics (In Private) (In a Locked, Dark Closet) (We’re Assuming)

Gary Kasparov, the former Soviet chess grandmaster turned anti-Russia rabble-rouser, probably best conveyed the madness. “I’m ready to call this the darkest hour in the history of the American presidency,” … Continue reading

07/17/2018 · Leave a comment

(Breaking) Trump Really Did Collude with Russia. I Have Proof.

Look closer Look closer Look closer Look closer Look closer Look closer

07/23/2017 · Leave a comment

Good Energy Focused Around Trump and Putin Meeting at G20

A lot of attention is focused on President Trump and President Putin this morning. Searching for vids on Youtube, there’s not much hype on other leaders such as Canada’s Trudeau, … Continue reading

07/07/2017 · Leave a comment

Russians Do Not Consider Americans as Enemies

Russia and the US were allies in two world wars. Hopefully, the Russia/US relations would go back to normal. Russia is interested in it.

06/17/2017 · Leave a comment

Putin: Harper Will Change his Mind on Russia in G8 if U.S. Tells Him To.

Russia appears to be angling to make it the G-8 once again and President Vladimir Putin suggests it’s something Prime Minister Stephen Harper will just have to accept. “I don’t … Continue reading

06/19/2015 · Leave a comment

Obama Can Work with Putin-Updated

But it’s unfortunate Obama can’t free himself from Graham and McCain.  Gotta stop feeding those vampires, otherwise, America will be worse off than when he first found it. (Meaning it … Continue reading

12/19/2014 · Leave a comment

Drunken Journalist at Putin’s Q&A Not Drunk As Originally Thought

A journalist from the Kirov Oblast was mistakenly thought to have been drunk at the Putin press conference, but it turns out that he was actually a multiple stroke sufferer … Continue reading

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Russian President Vladimir Putin Plays Hockey

This is so cool. That’s R&R at the presidential level right there.

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Vladimir Putin’s Birthday!

Happy 62nd Birthday to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Thus, in New York, a new line of sweaters went on sale: One sweater depicted the Russian leader’s notable cuddling with a … Continue reading

10/08/2014 · Leave a comment

Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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