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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

For People Who Support a War with Iran

Note: These aren’t coming from the military industrial complex. These are coming from Iran itself.  I side with the anti-war crowd, but Iran is acting like Klingons from the 23’d … Continue reading

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There are Plenty of Ways to Install Walmarts in Iran.

When talking about Iran, it’s easy to fall into the trap of saying “full scale invasion.” But that’s Talmud geopolitics and that’s something that you’re not meant to hear. What … Continue reading

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The War May Have Already Started. US or Israel Possibly Using ECM’s at or Near Iran.

An Airbus A-340-313 disappears from radar over Iranian airspace. French and Indian nationals endangered. This is just speculation but this could be a test run of ECMs being used by … Continue reading

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Bad News For the New Year. Senator Lindsey Graham Pushing Trump to Keep Troops in Syria

Graham? Empathy for the Kurds? Highly doubtful.  Kurds are regarded merely as tools in the grand scheme, and the actual harm being done here is by stringing them along with … Continue reading

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Here’s How You Know That the Dems Are Working with Trump

I’ll just leave this here.  These are from Haaretz. . . . The good news is that the weekly standard is failing.

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Is Being Pessimist Normal?

You bet it is! There is nothing in the rules saying that you CAN’T be positively pessimist! Take this video for example. Is there a correct way to react to … Continue reading

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2017 – US Secretly Tested Carcinogen in Western Canada During the Cold War.

Back in October of 2017, Canadian online publication the National Post rebelled against the US by publishing an article detailing the US Army’s treachery.   The U.S. Army secretly dumped … Continue reading

10/04/2018 · 2 Comments

Iran Could Use Russia-US Deconfliction Line

Kim Jong Un Could Learn from Iran’s Success. Because capitulation is not what grants respect in the west. From Sputnik WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The United States is urging Iran to … Continue reading

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US Biological Weapons Attacks on Russia are Increasing

The Pentagon has reacted to the statement by the Russian Defense Ministry made earlier in the day about the biological threats coming from the US, saying that the latter has … Continue reading

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China’s White Paper. Do They Get It? Or Are They Still Lagging Behind the Times?

The reality on the ground is much different. The trade war is not a push to bring any sort equilibrium to trade deficits. It’s a joke that Trump is using … Continue reading

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The Systems that Clash. Illusory MAGA.

These are the things things that have been glued onto the American mosaic that the nation’s leaders have unsuccessfully tried to fix. Lots of protests, but very little action taken. … Continue reading

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Bannon Says Trade War Will Be Unbearably Painful for China – I Disagree

Bannon’s plan hinges upon the re-industrialization of the US. It won’t happen because Trump would need to lower the minimum wage to $5-$7/hr. An impossibility. You would need to shift … Continue reading

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It’s Nice to Know Someone’s Got Our Back.

Christian holidays. Does anybody ever get accused of Christian privilege? We share our Christmas with the whole world, but we don’t really ever get any thanks for it. No no … Continue reading

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Trump’s State of the Union Address 8/10!

It’s an hour and 20 minutes long, and it covers a wide area of topics. The part that stood out most is the part about medicine. I’m certain that a … Continue reading

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Watch. Victoria Nuland Calls Infowars. Infowars Doesn’t Suspect a Thing.

Recognize the voice? That’s Victoria Nuland. Owen Shroyer had no clue. Nuland pretends to be “Pat,” an anonymous caller from NYC, and goads Infowars to talk about PNAC. The name … Continue reading

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Susan Rice Thinks She’s Got Trump All Figured Out

Meanwhile Trump struggles to contain his amusement. In an op-ed on the NYT, the Obama era ambassador writes that the US can tolerate a boisterous Kim Jong un. Rice pretends … Continue reading

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History Would Be Wonderful, If Only it Were True.

When you search for connections between the Soviet Bolsheviks and the Soviet Jewish Population, the first link that Google tricks you into clicking is this: But why would Google’s manipulative … Continue reading

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Another Area of Concern

In my earlier posts we talked about how the CFR and the Neocons on the right edge us closer to war, instability, and conflict. Part 1 Part 2 But what … Continue reading

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Lavrov: Reasonable Approach for a Suitable Solution

It’s time to get comfy. This North Korea situation is a toughy.  I thoroughly believe that Kim Jong Un is willing to halt missile test operations. He might not admit … Continue reading

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Exports of DNA Samples Banned (2007)

Before we get into that, let me show you a term called ‘ethnic bioweapon.’ I take screenshots of Wikipedia articles a lot because Wikipedia is often prone to malicious edits. … Continue reading

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You Are Here. The Asia Pivot

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Bloomberg Doesn’t Like Me.

2 days ago, I wrote that China had a great opportunity to show leadership in Asia. Yesterday, Bloomberg wrote that President Trump ((missed an opportunity)). Boo-hoo! .com/view/articles/2017-08-02/the-u-s-missed-its-chance-to-make-china-play-fair The … Continue reading

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Bad Deal. Trump to Sign Anti-Russia Bill

After reviewing the final version of the Anti-Iran bill (Anti-Russia bill disguised as an anti-Iran bill), President Trump intends to sign it.  It’s the equivalent of shooting one’s self in … Continue reading

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Russia Blocks 1/2 of American Embassy Staffers Working in Russia

From an estimated number of 1,100, down to 455. Embassy staffers are to be blocked from working in Russia. The official date for this booting of diplomats is September 1. … Continue reading

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Hezbollah Successful in Clearing Out ISIS from the Jurud Arsal Border.

BEIRUT – The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah said on Wednesday that the group was close to defeating Nusra Front militants in the battle along the Syrian-Lebanese border. “We are in … Continue reading

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Sanctions Part 4

Section 228 lays a trap for President Trump. With the vigor and ferocity that the NYT and WaPo have displayed, to bind and falsely accuse Trump of ‘Russian Collusion,’ section … Continue reading

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Sanctions Part 2

Section 222 forces Trump to ask permission from congress before anything is changed. (which congress will vote against anyways) Section 211 outlines the people and the organizations that Obama sanctioned … Continue reading

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John McCain Has Brain Cancer.


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No One Has Ever Accused the IDF of Being Good With Public Image

I personally attribute it to low IQ and a propensity for tampering with hearts and minds. Largely unsuccessful for a consistent number of years if I might add.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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