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Magical Straw Hat Powers

I woke up this morning with a strong urge to write about women’s fashion, and my new appreciation for straw hats.  I never really noticed it before, but straw hats… … Continue reading

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CNN’s Producer Calls KellyAnne Conway “The Blonde.”

This must be what prompted President Trump’s tweets yesterday about “Psycho Joe” Scarborough and Mika Berzezinski. You know he gets advanced screenings! Looking visibly unhinged, CNN’s Jimmy Carr says “she … Continue reading

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Pretty Sure Russia Isn’t the Enemy. Very Sure that the Left Wing Media is the Enemy.

With all the accusations about Russia hacking the elections, they seem to overlook how they themselves betray their own country. Take a look at this page, 100% negative. Not a … Continue reading

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We Know President Trump Dislikes Fake News. But Do You Know What Type of News He Considers Fake?

Here’s a handy guide for the newcomers! I call it “grading a fail paper.” It’s either that or “pretend to be a teacher day.” Class, today’s fail paper comes from … Continue reading

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This is How We Know ISIS is Israel. (And Why We Laugh at the Shills)

This is one of the fastest places to get up to speed on most current events. No superfluous article padding, no nothingburgers.  Just raw info. So click the article why … Continue reading

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Early Morning Briefing With President Trump

People are loving it. Except for Mika and Joe.

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Israeli Armaments Left Behind After Syria Defeated ISIS in Homs

https://www.almasdarnews .com/article/pictures-syrian-army-confiscates-israeli-armaments-left-behind-rebels-homs/

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Unknown Helicopters Flying/Landing in ISIS Territories Near Hajiwa

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Wonder How Long Israel Waits Before Launching a Chemical Attack on Syrians to Blame Assad

Deep thoughts by Jack Handey.

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United Arab Emirates Leader Once Asked the US to Bomb the Al-Jazeera News Company

Is this what world leaders talk about behind closed doors? To arbitrarily extinguish civilian lives just for the sake of massaging their bruised egos? Absolutely! What else is there to … Continue reading

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I Just Want to Say, Good Job CNN!

We had fun didn’t we?

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A Trump Supporter Comments on Sean Spicer’s False Flag.

Not at all uncommon, Trump supporters have their reservations about the recent Press Secretary Tweet by Sean Spicer.  These aren’t even democrat voters speaking out against false flag narratives by … Continue reading

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No One Has Ever Accused the IDF of Being Good With Public Image

I personally attribute it to low IQ and a propensity for tampering with hearts and minds. Largely unsuccessful for a consistent number of years if I might add.

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CENTCOM: “No Idea” what White House is Doing.

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Spooks: “We Have No Evidence That Syria Had Sarin or Used It”

Interesting. Hours before the Shuyrat airstrike for supposed chemical attacks, the US Navy asked the CIA if they had any evidence of sarin gas. The reply was no. Within hours … Continue reading

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CNN Fires Another Batch of Employees.

But what about the bosses? Now for the consequences. CNN announced on Monday afternoon that three network officials are leaving their jobs over the incident: Frank, (Frank Thomas) the reporter … Continue reading

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Uh Oh, Looks Like Israel is Going to Stage Another False Flag Chemical Attack Again.

I wonder how embarassing it will be for Trump to go with this bad intel this time!

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(Video) When You’re Young You Read Harry Potter, When You’re Old…

you’re recruited into AntiFa and train in the martial art of offensive caressing.

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Syrian Army 2 – ISIS 0

Syrian Army scores brilliant tactical victory against ISIS in Deir Ezzor   BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:39 P.M.) – Pro-government forces based in Deir Ezzor, despite the sheer level of strategic disadvantage … Continue reading

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CNN: No More Russia News

CNN pretends to turn a new leaf by laying judgement over new submissions relating to Russia. New publishing restrictions are in effect, forcing writers and contributors to check in with … Continue reading

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Interesting Set of Dynamics in the Middle East

It looks complicated on the surface, but only to those who don’t follow very closely. Saudi Arabia and its allies have issued a list of 13 demands to Qatar. It’s … Continue reading

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Bed Bug Infestation at BuzzFeed Manhattan

Buzzfeed employees were told to stay home after reports of a massive bed bug infestation at the Buzzfeed Manhattan office.  Somebody should have told those hipsters at Buzzfeed to shower … Continue reading

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I Used to Do It Until About the Age of 18

I think we all did.  Juvenile things, you know.  The stuff that makes you cringe as an adult.  We did it because in our special teenaged circles, we didn’t have … Continue reading

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The Washington Post is Starting to Behave.

You may not have faith in the political system, and you may not have faith in the military system, but you better have faith in Jesus! The Washington Post, known … Continue reading

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US Continually Working with Russia

More good news, much to the dismay of David Brock and his band of low iq CTR/Shareblue shills. Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Joseph dunford says that the US will … Continue reading

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World’s First Glow in the Dark Money.

It’s not fake chain mail E-money, it’s actual currency! Canada officially crafts the world’s first glow in the dark currency. Never lose your pocket change again, this money glows! Known … Continue reading

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Whoa, That’s So Cool. Citroen Made Out of Wood.

  French cabinet maker Michel Robillard has made a Citroen made out of wood! Photos are from the Local dot FR.

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Deeply Concerned

This news very troubling news. According to Sputnik, Russia is suspending communications with the coalition forces.  This communications channel is what they use to give advanced warnings to each other … Continue reading

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Kid Attends a Competition, Stays at a Porn Hotel. Mom Not Impressed.

From ultra liberal Japantimes. (Japan is not liberal enough for western liberals?) Explicit porn pamphlets on display for all to see in Japan’s hotels This week’s topic comes courtesy of … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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