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Seattle Men Acting Like Drones. Alex Jones Attacked with Scalding Coffee

Watch the way that Seattle’ite acts. It’s as if he had no compassion, no empathy, no remorse. It is inhuman to conduct oneself so flippantly. It’s the decay of society, … Continue reading

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Well, Well, Well. Vice Appears to Have Broken Lefty Rule #1.

Rule No. 1 is to never reveal sympathy for terrorists! This tweet that Vice editors rushed to delete, shines a spotlight on the mindset of liberals!  It is this specific … Continue reading

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Why Hasn’t Twitter Banned These Users Yet?


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*Tick *Tock *Tick *Tock Alt- Left. The Hour Draws Near.

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Want Proof that the World is Being Subjected to a Globalist Agenda?

Ever wonder why political holdovers from the Obama era, fear the saying “America First?” There had already been a plan to incrementally reduce the voting power of citizens from each … Continue reading

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Liberals Still Believe that Celebs Offer Sage Wisdom

People promptly responded to LadyGagoo, notifying her that soldiers who were prone to self harm were not appropriate combat units in war.

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Checking Out My Favorite Twitter Hashtag ‘White People.’ Now I Understand America

== == == ==PS: You can’t call me racist if I’m not white. Lah LA LA, LA LA Lah. Let’s watch more CNN.== == == ==  

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Ready for the Pivot?

I’ve spent the last 3 days laying out the connections between Antifa and George Soros. Now it’s time to investigate the other side of the story! We’ll see what we … Continue reading

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The Series of Tweets that TheHill Forced Lorenz to Delete. Part 7.

Because it did not fit their agenda. Too bad everybody already had screenshots at the minute mark. Isn’t it time you subscribed to this blog?

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Video of Riot Police Corralling Unarmed UTR into Swarms of Armed AntiFa Protesters. Part 6.

Skip to the 53 minute mark. Unite the Right (UTR) had obtained permits for a peaceful demonstration months in advance. Antifa had not.  Antifa were armed with bricks, bats, bags … Continue reading

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1 Day Prior, National Guard Prepped for Massive Escalation. Part 5

Further proof that Charlottesville was part of a pre-planned operation. Massive civil unrest and division between Virginians were the intended outcome.

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Fascist Left Getting Worked Up Over White Supremacy. Part 2

More information here at WillyLoman’s blog. 

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State Department Employee Caught Spreading Charlottesville Viral Video. Part 1

When I’m right, I’m right. I, along with a handful of others were the only ones blogging on Saturday about foreign involvement in Charlottesville, while hundreds of WordPress bloggers were … Continue reading

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We Should Be Thankful We Stepped Back From Harm’s Way. (US, Russia, China)

There’s no magic to it. Simply hereditary instinctual responses. Are you under 50? Life treating you fairly? Things are going reasonably well? Then it’s okay to be grateful that Russia … Continue reading

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Exports of DNA Samples Banned (2007)

Before we get into that, let me show you a term called ‘ethnic bioweapon.’ I take screenshots of Wikipedia articles a lot because Wikipedia is often prone to malicious edits. … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Taken the Time to Watch “Think Tank” Videos?

I’ve seen enough ‘think tank’ videos to know that there are organizations out there that are researching the most efficient ways to eliminate specific races/ethnicities.  They compile statistics that draw … Continue reading

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One of You Gals Wrote About This a Week Ago

It’s picking up steam. Netflix show fallout: Google search for ‘suicide’ increase 20%.  People are taking notice.

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Trump’s Promise to Christians in America (Video)

I avoided posting videos by this Youtuber because of some of his comments, which I felt were just a liiiiittle bit edgy. But this one is pretty good.

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For You Guys (and Gals of Course)

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The Future is Bright

But only if we apply proper maintenance to it daily. We knew fixing the world wouldn’t be easy. It takes the combined efforts of level headed doers and thinkers to … Continue reading

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Bad Deal. Trump to Sign Anti-Russia Bill

After reviewing the final version of the Anti-Iran bill (Anti-Russia bill disguised as an anti-Iran bill), President Trump intends to sign it.  It’s the equivalent of shooting one’s self in … Continue reading

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I Heard Nikki Hayley Was Looking for Footage of Sarin Gas.

ISIS just happens to have one custom made for her. I’m willing to bet that the Washington Post is already sitting on a ‘final cut’ of this film and is … Continue reading

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Trump About to Have His Powers Stolen

Interesting. Skimming through the anti-Iran sanctions bill, (which would be more appropriately named if it was called the anti-Russia bill), the wording in it indicates that it is a soft … Continue reading

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Extremist Group Named After the Former Lebanese Prime Minister

One of the extremist groups allied to ISIS was named after Rafik Hariri. A Former Lebanese Prime Minister. In Syria, if the covert CIA program had stopped giving you weapons, … Continue reading

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Chuck Schumer Says “It’s Not Russia,” It’s “You.”

I feel so bad for you guys man. I mean, Schumer had been pumping you guys full of agitprop for 9 months. How does it feel being backstabbed? They teach … Continue reading

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Hentai Tentacle Porn Pervert Booted Out of Newsweek

There’s never a shortage for amusement when looking at Democrats.  Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald has removed all references to Newsweek from his Twitter bio. We speculate he might have … Continue reading

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Today’s Special: Teen Birth Rates and Incest Narratives at Odds. A Liberal Quagmire.

The latest to come from Hipster land is that low teen birth rates are a good thing! And it is! Who wouldn’t agree with it? Everybody is on the same … Continue reading

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John McCain Has Brain Cancer.


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Refugees From a Slovenian Perspective

Everyday Youtube keeps pushing these videos in my face. Screw you teenage girls, stop clicking on Ed Sheeran videos! Independent video makers, that’s how Youtube was made; back when Youtube … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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