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Is Spiritual Capital Worth More than Quality Spiritual Investors?

This isn’t meant to spark division between Christian denominations, but I thought it would be interesting to explore this topic.  If favor from God is influenced by the number of … Continue reading

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Stains On the Underwear Mafia. Dookie is as Dookie Does.

Ready to get grossed out? Read on then! This is Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s lawyer in 2008 when Epstein was awarded an immunity deal where his jail cell provided him with … Continue reading

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Monsey Slashing. Isn’t This Odd? (Info)

Can you say the word God without hesitation? One of the things that I learned at age 11 was to never say the lord’s name in vain.  I learned this … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

What are your new year’s resolutions? Mine are as follows: To study the bible more and to rely less on the KJV version. Possibly to look up old bible texts … Continue reading

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What do Evangelicals and Catholics Think of Erasing God from the System of Law?

I’m curious what other Christians think of this video. Rep. Johnson prefers to adhere to a 200 year old American tradition of swearing in witnesses by having them state “so … Continue reading

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Good People to Listen to.

Perhaps these people, in a way, are blessings given to the Earth. Because even with all this deception and trickery, we have these people who remain constant in their beliefs, … Continue reading

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Saturday Night News.

First mass since its liberation in 2018; the St. Antiochan Orthodox Church in Syria. 3 White Helmets killed while smuggling explosives in an ambulance. New Wikileaks document on the OPCW. … Continue reading

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Black Israelites Video.

A very interesting video. This man explains ancient Egyptian slavery from the Black Israelite perspective. At the same time he explains that Israel is you, Israel is promised to those … Continue reading

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New Jersey Shooting. Word on the Street Part 2

After word got out that people on GLP were discussing the New Jersey shooting, an entire squad of Israeli internet shills abandoned 4Chang for 12 hours and redeployed to GLP.  … Continue reading

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BOOM HEADSHOT. Taylor Swift Calls Out George Soros, 23Capital and the Carlyle Group

Did Swift just put soros on blast? Lol — Cassandra Fairbanks 🕊✌️ (@CassandraRules) December 13, 2019 My entire catalogue was sold to Scooter Brauns ethical holdings, in a deal … Continue reading

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New Jersey Shooting. Word on the Street.

Digging around a little bit, it’s interesting to find that this story may be the subject of an incredibly deceptive misrepresentation. On the morning after the New Jersey shooting, someone … Continue reading

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So Evangelics, When Can We Expect You Back at Sunday Catholic Mass?

So Judeo Evangelics, when can we expect you back at Sunday Orthodox Mass? So, how do we convince you judeo evangelics to start worshipping Jesus again? The Rapture is not … Continue reading

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We Are at War.

Larry Johnson is a former NFL player who traversed the dark and troubled seas of fame and power.  He saw the evil and the ways that it had affected his … Continue reading

11/30/2019 · 1 Comment

Canada Supports the UN Resolution that Calls for the Establishment of a Palestinian State

Winning!  Thank you Jesus. Thank you Mr Trudeau. From the GlobeandMail Nov 20 2019. Israel has condemned Canada for voting for a United Nations resolution that calls for the establishment … Continue reading

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Live Palestine by Swedish Group Kofia

Not much is known about this Swedish group, except that they were from the 70’s and 80’s. That’s according to the Kofia entry on Wikipedia and LastFM. Kofia or Keffiyeh … Continue reading

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Haaretz: The Year #MeToo Rocked and Shocked the Jewish World

-Over the past year, a high number of powerful Jewish men have been accused of sexual misconduct. While it has provided fodder for anti-Semites, activists say addressing the problem is … Continue reading

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A Case for Esau (Part 3)

Diamonds are forever, but God’s curses last even longer. We saw in part 2 that Jacob had cursed himself in front of the Lord by tricking Isaac. Despite of this, … Continue reading

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Shem, the Ancestor of all the Sons of Eber (Part 2)

These bible stories are all so beautiful, people need to read them more often. And children were born also to Shem, the father of all the children of Eber, the … Continue reading

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Skepticism of Palestine’s Right to Exist (Part 1)

There is this longstanding ritual of claims that Palestine had never been an actual place, or that it was simply a creation from the minds of muslims who were unfortunate … Continue reading

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19th Century Queen of Witchcraft and Her Contradictory Optics

Found this interesting individual on the internet. A woman named Helen Blavatsky, who fancied herself as the “Queen of Witchcraft,” was a 19th century anti-Christian occultist. She was born in … Continue reading

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We Really Want to Get Out of the Middle East, But the Lefties Want More Blood

Let me show you the reactions from the lefties. Notice how 3 out of these 5 people are homophobes and racists? Interesting isn’t it? Hundreds of millions of people have … Continue reading

10/09/2019 · 3 Comments

No World Leader Will Ever Want to Call the White House Phone Anymore

Yes, It’s pretty bad. When Trump first said in 2016 that he was being wiretapped, all the late night talk shows insisted that the president was lying. Fast forward to … Continue reading

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It Takes 23 Soldiers to Kidnap 1 Child

The Israeli military is probably the softest military on the face of the Earth. But their softness is only matched by their cruelty to children. About 23 Israeli soldiers armed … Continue reading

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How Many Times Must We Humiliate Pelosi Before She Understands?

We are blessed with a peace president. That’s why the globalists are getting very very mad. And their psychosis is passing on to the viewers of CNN and MSNBC.  Just … Continue reading

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My Childhood Heroes Turned Out to be Frauds

Well, maybe not all of my childhood heroes precisely, but their children.  Some of you already know that I used to be a huge leftist. Gosh those were dark times. … Continue reading

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This is How You Keep All Your Enemies in Suspense


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Netanyahu’s Wife is “Not healthy,” Says Sheldon Adelson’s Wife.

-Multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson, once Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s key supporter, and his wife Miriam testified to police that Sara Netanyahu was “crazy” and that “she decides everything,” including key appointments … Continue reading

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Caught on Video: 6+ Protesters Molest Woman at Hong Kong Train Station

It’s wall to wall anti China coverage on Reddit, and it’s all about the arrests at the train station. But what happened at the train station anyways before the police … Continue reading

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Imagine if the Chinese Government had Said Something Like this.

In our clown world, anything is possible! Absolutely! This is a mock-up of what comes out of the mouths of US senators biweekly. It’s very casual and very hard to … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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