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Things that Pope Francis Can Do to Help Catholics in This New Age

I’m a Catholic right? So who would be in a better position to criticize Catholics than someone who is actually Catholic? Certainly not witches and sorcerers. First we have to … Continue reading

10/14/2018 · 1 Comment

Canada and the EU to Help the Palestinians

Who Gave Canada Permission to Save Lives and Help the Distressed and Oppressed People of an Illegally Occupied State?! If western interventionism is considered ‘Globalism,’ and all of it was … Continue reading

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Did You Know that Israel Created Hamas to Disrupt Numerous Peace Negotiations?

By Hassan Zerouk Thanks to the Mossad, Israel’s “Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks”, the Hamas was allowed to reinforce its presence in the occupied territories. Meanwhile, Arafat’s Fatah Movement … Continue reading

10/12/2018 · 2 Comments

Israelis Sue NZ Women for Disrupting their ((Artistic Welfare))

And people wonder why Lorde cancelled her Israeli concert! From the Guardian -An Israel court has ordered two New Zealand women to pay damages for harming the “artistic welfare” of … Continue reading

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Everyone Needs a Little Pick Me Up

  MY HEART — Puppies 🐶 (@PopularPups) October 3, 2018 Monday blues. Everybody’s got em. Well, if you’ve tried everything but have yet to find something, have a cute … Continue reading

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Catholic Kavanaugh Wins!

Hmmm. Sensitive issue. Better tread carefully. Lot’s of people are angry! Brett Kavanaugh is the newest US supreme court judge. That’s a win for Catholics! But what type of Catholic … Continue reading

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“Why Are Reporters So Dumb?”

Is he right? Is Palestine not a state? Let’s check out history. Back even before the New Testament. Sometime during the nascence of the Old Testament. That’s odd. Looks like … Continue reading

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Brutal and Inhumane Treatment of West Bank Civilians

Monday’s planned demolition of a West Bank village and forcible transfer of its residents to make way for illegal Jewish settlements is a war crime that lays bare the Israeli … Continue reading

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Pompeo Hates When International Bodies Expose Him. Pompeo Terminates Inconvenient 63 Year Old Treaty

Don’t you just enjoy it whenever we bring to light, the things that define the word hypocrisy? Just hours after the ICJ’s ruling against the United States, Mike Pompeo terminates … Continue reading

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PewDiePie Lookalike Roundhouse-Kicks Woman for Filming

An uncanny resemblance in both appearance and mannerism to PewDiePie. The guy in purple first objects to being filmed by the woman. She then questions the moral justifications of abortion. … Continue reading

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The International Court of Justice Rules Against the United States. Good Wins. Evil Loses.

-In a ruling issued on October 3, the International Court of Justice has sided with Iran and ordered the U.S. to suspend its sanctions on the Islamic Republic in a … Continue reading

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Street Urchin John Bolton BTFO. Video of “SECRET NUCLEAR LAB” by PressTV.

Resident USG conspiracy theorist Benjamin Netanyahoo professed to UN ambassadors last week that he knew of a secret nuclear lab in Iran. PressTV takes a film crew to this address … Continue reading

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We Haven’t Been the Good Guys in a Very Very Long Time. Your Sons are Getting Drafted, War is Coming. (Video)

Street urchin John Bolton and Roody Poo Rudy Giuliani BTFO. A Remix of Nikki Haley at CNN, Bolton and Giuliani at MEK.

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Christian Zionists, You’re So Funny! Noah’s Three Sons.

Shem, Japeth and Ham. The word Semite is derived from Shem. Hamethite from Ham. Japethite from Japeth. Modern day Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, and Iraqis are descended from the biblical semites. … Continue reading

10/01/2018 · 4 Comments

How Did You Spend Your Day Today? St Michael’s Day.

I spent the day talking to people about the harmful effects of war. I also spent the day debating atheists and protestants. Overall it was a good day. Very productive. … Continue reading

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Israel betrays Trump! I know! It’s MINDBLOWING RIGHT!  They betrayed him! AHHHHHH!  Reminder, this Saturday on the 29th is a Christian Holiday. I’m taking bets now that Trump won’t write … Continue reading

09/25/2018 · 2 Comments

On This Day One Month Ago A Great Evil Was Banished from this Planet

On this day one month ago, a great evil was banished from this Earth. And we thank the lord for partially setting us free. This evil of which I speak … Continue reading

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Reddit Getting All Bleary Eyed for the Situation in XinJiang China.

But they don’t mention a word about a Jihadist organization called Malhama. When will Redditors learn that Reddit is a clearing house for foreign funded psychological warfare?   It’s easy … Continue reading

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Israeli Soldiers Detained for Sexual Assault on Women

And as expected, they claim they were “just doing their jobs.” According to the IDF’s Internal Investigation Unit, testimony provided by the two defendants during their interrogation ties them to … Continue reading

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Uh Oh. Hasbara is Now Attacking Chinese News Site Xinhua.

I was just browsing Twitter this morning for news about China when I stumbled upon this. Xinhua is a very impartial Twitter handle. It mostly promotes Chinese festivals, technological innovations, … Continue reading

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The Systems that Clash. Illusory MAGA.

These are the things things that have been glued onto the American mosaic that the nation’s leaders have unsuccessfully tried to fix. Lots of protests, but very little action taken. … Continue reading

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China + Vietnam Best Friends Forever!

Awesome! It’s always good to see friendships blossom in weird and quiet ways. Though I would be worried about the Deep State because they’re the type to get jealous!

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Traditional Chinese Opera in Palestine

RAMALLAH, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) — Palestinian audience in the city of Ramallah were mesmerized on Wednesday night by a rare show of traditional Chinese culture, staged by a group of … Continue reading

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Out of the Fire and Into the Frying Pan. TIME Magazine Bought Out by Marc Benioff

  From sex cults, to criminal coercion, and underground crime syndicates to…something more presentable to the public? TIME magazine has been sold to Marc Benioff, a co-founder of salesforce. Co-founder … Continue reading

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Under Duress. Japan Threatened Via a Dubious Vector

The governments of Japan (municipalities) have been making steady changes to LGBT acceptance, but foreign bankers are applying a policy of accelerationism to exert control. Does this sound “fair & … Continue reading

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A Protestant Church in the Netherlands Questions Modern Day Israel’s Place in Christianity

‘Separate place for Israel in the Protestant Church is unnecessary and dubious’ Interview The Protestant Church in the Netherlands must abandon the special place for Israel and Judaism. She can … Continue reading

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Is the US Meddling with European Elections?

-As we reported in July, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon has been canvassing Europe as he forms form a loose coalition of populist governments, coordinated through Brussels-based non-profit NGO; “The Movement.” … Continue reading

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The Syrian Language is Beautiful

Some one once said to me that the Indian language was the most pleasing to hear, and it was at that point where I started listening. I began to read … Continue reading

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Warning. You May be Affected.

It’s one of those things that drive men insane. It’s an issue that is often the overture to violent reaction. Lawyers are tested on this on their bar exams. They’re … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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