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Do You See How Jesus Has Provided For Assad and Syria for Many Many Trials? 16 Images. (Part 2)

It’s because Assad follows Jesus’ word.  He protects Christians in Syria. Israel and Saudi Arabia on the other hand deny Jesus. Spread these everywhere!  Saudi/US chemical manufacturing equipment found inside … Continue reading

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Hey Kids! Wanna See Some Proof That Assad Gassed Those Kids in Syria? 14 Images. Spread This Everywhere!!! (Part 1)

Let the pictures tell you the entire story.  They’re numbered sequentially too! And don’t believe that western journalists weren’t given access to the chemical factories! They chose not to cover … Continue reading

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Quick Summary of the Hillary China Connection. (Hint: It’s not China)

Here is what appears to be a quick summary of the Grassley report.  The Grassley report is the culmination of the investigation into Hillary’s missing e-mails. The consensus, it seems, … Continue reading

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Russian Police QT-3.14’s

  Why haven’t you settled down and started a family with a traditional Russian wife yet? This one’s my favorite because of her smile.

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Hillary is in Cahoots with China?

Try again right wing pundits. China skewers Hillary with this video compilation of her biggest bloopers.   How American democracy and freedom damage the world peace? #HongKong — China … Continue reading

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Meet and Greet. Why it’s Better to be Friendly

If you walk down the street from your house, do you ever say hi to the neighbors?  It’s a good way to discover who they are. This is strange behavior … Continue reading

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Reuters BTFO in the Comments. (Hong Kong)

Laserpointers, in the wrong hands, can be harmful weapons.  It’s been almost a week since I first heard of the HK protesters flashing policemen in their eyes with laser beams, … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Airport Back to Normal, and the Rats are Panicking.

And of course it’s the usual list of suspects in the long line up of international criminality. Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, and Nikki Haley. The hong Kong airport has been … Continue reading

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The Inhumane Actions of the HK Protesters Have Forced Even the American Media to Apologize on their Behalf.

This is what happens when protesters take orders from Low IQ handlers. From Bloomberg News. -The beatings of two men during a tense rally at Hong Kong’s airport highlights protesters’ … Continue reading

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Genuine Flyers with Real Lies. HK Policeman Does Not Fire His Gun at Mob Who Attacked Him

Here’s a flyer that is being posted on trains in Hong Kong. It’s the protesters’ claims that they’re simply misunderstood harmless boys who only want freedomocracy. But then you see … Continue reading

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The Hong Kong Protests Have Devolved into Savagery.

Five people arrested for illegal assembly, possession of offensive weapons, and assaulting police in riots from late Tue to early Wed that led to the beating up of a tourist … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson Possibly Negotiating his Departure from Fox News

Tucker Carlson. The best Fox News anchor I’ve seen yet. Rumor has it that he has been suspended from Fox News, and that must be a delight to hear for … Continue reading

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Tourists Trapped in Hong Kong

Terrified is the word I would use to describe the look on the woman’s face. Not just from the sight before her, but also from the nagging but pertinent fright … Continue reading

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Japan Dishonored by Trip Cancellation of Israeli Prime Minister

Tokyo in Shock: Netanyahu Called Off Japan Visit He Asked for Days Ahead of Trip -Now we will tell the tale of the trip that didn’t take place: to Japan. … Continue reading

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Trump Cleared of Epstein Scandal. (Virginia Roberts Document)

And the Hong Kong airport is back up and running again. Although many flights are still in Limbo as authorities struggle to get things back in order. Over 100 arrested … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Like Hong Kong You can GTFO. Old Lady Tells Protesters to Get Out

I had this old copy of MAD magazine back as a kid, and in it was a cartoon strip of women complaining about TV shows where actors would french kiss … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Police attacked with Fire Bombs

Here’s one tweet, and the other one has a video. Protesters protest peacefully by carefully setting police officers on fire. Hong Kong rioters attacked police with petrol bombs. #HongKong … Continue reading

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Body of Murdered HK Girl Thrown into the Wilderness. Hong Kong Protesters Protecting the Muderer.

Confusing. The news tells me that the protests are all about extradition laws, but it’s never mentioned that one of the reasons for it was the murder of a girl … Continue reading

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US Made Grenade Launcher Found on One of the Hong Kong Protesters

The mainstream news is calling these “peaceful” protests.  Impressive. A protester fires a US-made M320 grenade launcher at an illegal assembly in Tsim Sha Tsui amid escalating violence in Hong … Continue reading

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Someone Date Me. I’m a Sweet Cuddly Teddy Bear.

It’s a funny thing, back in high school it was a very important issue for the guys to lose their virginities before graduation. Is it still a “thing” these days? … Continue reading

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Israeli Police Plant Gun in Palestinian’s Home for TV Docudrama

When the truth holds unfavorable optics, cry out in pain and pretend to be a victim   -Israeli Police Plant Gun in Palestinian’s Home for TV Docudrama -In the course … Continue reading

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It Begins! China Accuses the National Endowment for Democracy of Staging a Color Revolution in HK

Finally something interesting from China! A U.S. organization is being accused of having links with violent Hong Kong protesters. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) presents itself as a private, … Continue reading

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This Ain’t No Negotiation Stoopid. Pay Money Now Poland Ya Hear?!

No one alive today had anything to do with World War 2, and yet people are still paying for it.   Poland is being given the shakedown by SS Mike … Continue reading

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Dayton Mass Murderer Connor Betts Possibly Jewish. His Sister was Trans LGBT.

In the immediate aftermath of the Dayton shooting, dozens of intellectuals and even 1 US senator called it a “white supremacist” shooting.  It turns out that Connor and his sister … Continue reading

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HUUWHAT!? State Dept Official Caught Organizing White Nationalist Org (SPLC)

You know that they play both sides right? Good cop bad cop to control the population. A U.S. State Department official oversaw the Washington, D.C.-area chapter of a white nationalist … Continue reading

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Dayton Shooter Connor Betts’ Best Friend on Twitter Fan of the IRA

But the circle wouldn’t be complete unless we point out the links to Jeffrey Epstein, Leslie Wexner, Darpa, and the NSA.  Connor Betts is a Democrat and a hardccore Antifa. … Continue reading

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El Paso Shooter’s Father Hardcore Leftist Hippie. Praised Brazillian Sex Predator.

The El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius might not be the “white supremacist” that CNN claims him to be. Let’s start off with his father who is a hardcore hippie therapist. … Continue reading

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Interview with 8chan Founder and KiwiFarms Founder (Video)


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El Paso Shooter was Inspired by Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang.

Metokur does a deep dive into Patrick Crusius’ alleged online manifesto.  In it, Crusius cites communist buzzwords, Andrew Yang’s universal basic income, anti corporatist dogma, eco terrorism, Dr Seuss, and … Continue reading

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Parents Catch FBI in Plot to Force Mentally Ill Son to be a Right Wing Terrorist.

By Matt Agorist It’s become a near-weekly occurrence. Somewhere in some state, the FBI will announce that they’ve foiled yet another terrorist plot and saved lives. However, as the data … Continue reading

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Blaming the Victim. British Teen Gangraped by Israeli Cadets was Coerced by the Police

The story goes, a British girl agrees to have sex with two Israeli cadets. One of them filmed her saying to her “you are our whore” in hebrew. She asked … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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