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Do You See How Jesus Has Provided For Assad and Syria for Many Many Trials? 16 Images. (Part 2)

It’s because Assad follows Jesus’ word.  He protects Christians in Syria. Israel and Saudi Arabia on the other hand deny Jesus. Spread these everywhere!  Saudi/US chemical manufacturing equipment found inside … Continue reading

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Hey Kids! Wanna See Some Proof That Assad Gassed Those Kids in Syria? 14 Images. Spread This Everywhere!!! (Part 1)

Let the pictures tell you the entire story.  They’re numbered sequentially too! And don’t believe that western journalists weren’t given access to the chemical factories! They chose not to cover … Continue reading

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Hunter Biden Levels Up in Debauchery, Media Says (Video)

Videos from the laptop of the US president’s son obtained by the Daily Mail show months of sex and drugs in Malibu US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter slides naked … Continue reading

09/25/2022 · 3 Comments

The West Has Gone Insane, but NoOne has Told Them Yet

In Germany you could float a portrait of Adolf Hitler at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate right now and it would be considered socially acceptable. A stark contrast to a mere 2 … Continue reading

09/21/2022 · 4 Comments

Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions to Hold Referendums on Joining Russia on September 23-27

I’ve made a map to help us visualize what’s happening here. The areas in green are the territories under Russia’s control. The article by Sputnik writes about the “Kherson region” … Continue reading

09/20/2022 · 1 Comment

Ukraine Has Exhausted its Supply of Able Bodied Men? Video of the Most American Mercenaries You’ll Ever Hear.

The Ukrainian army had lost so many actual Ukrainian men the last few months that they were forced to fuse foreign fighters into their ranks to fight their war for … Continue reading

09/13/2022 · 3 Comments

Urgent: Ukraine Planning a Massive Purge in the Kharkiv Region

It’s big news that the Russian armed forces had suffered a major defeat the last 3 days. Russia was forced to abandon several positions due to a lack of manpower … Continue reading

09/10/2022 · 1 Comment

Update August 27: Military Train Destroyed

While scanning Twitter this morning, I found an interesting story about a train, at a place called Chaplino in Ukraine. Here’s Ukraine’s foreign minister’s official account tweeting about it (and … Continue reading

08/27/2022 · 3 Comments

Youtube’s Content Moderation Guidelines Revealed

What if a real emergency comes up, and you couldn’t get the word out because someone on Youtube couldn’t stand to see truthful and balanced reporting on its platform? That … Continue reading

08/23/2022 · 7 Comments

Update august 20, 2022

Whoa that took a long time! It would be impossible now for me to recap any of the events that had transpired in the Ukraine this past summer, so we’ll … Continue reading

08/20/2022 · 5 Comments

Boris: We Have to Look Cooler than Putin. Trudeau: Let’s go Topless and Ride Horses.

Genocide of Donbass’ civilian population. Photo Evidence by Maxim Blinov Georgian mercs liquified Bob Kagan’s Propaganda Hut: We need to retreat in order to win The Clown after snorting … Continue reading

06/30/2022 · 10 Comments

Pro Abortionists Threaten Assassination and Democrats Turn into Racists Overnight.

Abortion is a thorny subject so I’m trying my best to avoid it. I can’t stand people like me who spew their opinions on every…single…thing that pops up on the … Continue reading

06/27/2022 · 15 Comments

Day 15: Sense of Smell and Taste is Coming Back

This COVID virus is resilient I can tell you that. I left this subject open because I didn’t think that I would be writing about it again. You can find … Continue reading

06/23/2022 · 6 Comments

The Corporate Overlords Ask “What Can the Government Do to Fix Inflation.” And Swedish Sexual Garbage Bins

It’s like the big bad wolf asking Little Red Riding Hood what kind of sauce she likes on her tacos. Are people really this gullible? Nevermind. Forget I asked. The … Continue reading

06/21/2022 · 1 Comment

American Volunteer Says Many Deaths are Due to Friendly Fire

We had a 2 hour fire fight that later turned out to be against Ukrainian special forces. The media only tells one side. Bridges blown up while friendly forces are … Continue reading

06/20/2022 · 3 Comments

Programs Have Become User Unfriendly.

Part of the job of being a software tester is to check for compliance. To make it so that programs in various fields of production and creation would work similarly … Continue reading

06/20/2022 · 1 Comment


I started a blog post about the inflation but it wasn’t coming out right. I wanted to talk about decades worth of poor monetary policy, and zionist bailouts. I wanted … Continue reading

06/19/2022 · 31 Comments

Several Civvies Bombed to Death and Dozens Wounded by Ukraine Days Before Zelensky Advisor Brags on Interview that Ukr Uses Civilians as Meatshields

These happened on June 11 to 13. Non military targets were shelled. A market was hit. Several houses were hit. Several people were killed, and many more were wounded. Reports … Continue reading

06/18/2022 · 5 Comments

Juan Guaido Attacked in a Restaurant in Venezuela (Video)

Hahahahahahahahahaha. Ahahahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

06/17/2022 · 2 Comments

Funny thought of the Day: The USA Couped Itself.

What I noticed about all the anti-Russian propaganda is that they’re trying to do with Russia what they did with Trump. They won’t admit that Trump lost not because he … Continue reading

06/17/2022 · 6 Comments

We Have Fresh Confirmation that Bellingcat is Fake

Reddit’s darling “independent – open source” researcher Bellingcat has always been a proxy shill working for the British intelligents, but he kept lying anyways and Redditors kept insisting that he … Continue reading

06/15/2022 · 7 Comments

Beauty in this World

Sometimes, things fall into place nicely. I’ve been so distracted by all the problems caused by Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates, and Michael McFaul, that I failed to notice the … Continue reading

06/15/2022 · 1 Comment

I Defeated COVID with Vitamin C

I watched a video on Youtube 2 years ago that explained how the virus causes the buildup of fluid in a person’s lungs, and how this fluid in turn impedes … Continue reading

06/12/2022 · 1 Comment

The Story of When Israel Attacked America, and the US Government Sided with Tel Aviv

On June 8, 1967, Israel attacked an American intelligence ship named the USS Liberty. The incident left two-thirds of the ship’s crew dead or injured, in an intentional assault by … Continue reading

06/08/2022 · 7 Comments

Orthodox Church in Ukraine (Moscow Patriarchate) Serve Food to Kharkiv Residents

⚡️🇷🇺Izyum, #Kharkiv region.The footage shows the Ascension Cathedral, where #Russian military personnel, with the support of the #Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate,organized a temporary hot food point. Despite … Continue reading

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“Russian Propaganda”

theTimes dot co dot UK newspaper is trying to explain why mainstream folks should continue to support the Ukrainian Azovs. It’s like saying “Ohhh let’s keep pouring starch into the … Continue reading

05/31/2022 · 5 Comments

Balls on fire

I’m back with another pro tip.

05/29/2022 · 3 Comments

Why is Support for Russia so Strong?

In the first week of war Ukraine’s internet service department was posting dozens of photos of maimed, dead, and captured soldiers belonging to the Russian army, and it was a … Continue reading

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Pelosi Denied Communion Over Abortion Stance

ha ha ha. Top US Democrat denied communion over abortion stance Archbishop penalizes Nancy Pelosi over abortion advocacy, says decision is “pastoral, not political” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) cannot … Continue reading

05/20/2022 · 18 Comments

Nice War. Liberated Cities in Ukraine Celebrate Victory Day.

What did they mean by this? Russian Victory Day celebrated in Ukraine! Multiple cities! Melitopol, Berdyansk, Kherson, Energodar, Kahkovka, Mariupol, Alchevsk, and Volchansk. This confirms what I’ve hoped for all … Continue reading

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Cutting Down on Coffee

Coffee blocks the receptors in the brain that are responsible for receiving the signals telling your body when it is time to go to sleep to rejuvenate. This is related … Continue reading

05/08/2022 · 13 Comments

Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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