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Do You See How Jesus Has Provided For Assad and Syria for Many Many Trials? 16 Images. (Part 2)

It’s because Assad follows Jesus’ word.  He protects Christians in Syria. Israel and Saudi Arabia on the other hand deny Jesus. Spread these everywhere!  Saudi/US chemical manufacturing equipment found inside … Continue reading

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Hey Kids! Wanna See Some Proof That Assad Gassed Those Kids in Syria? 14 Images. Spread This Everywhere!!! (Part 1)

Let the pictures tell you the entire story.  They’re numbered sequentially too! And don’t believe that western journalists weren’t given access to the chemical factories! They chose not to cover … Continue reading

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Should We Worry About the Samson Option Striking North America?

Alright, here comes the cover-up. It always proceeds in this very same fashion. You learn all of this just by watching the interactions from Netanyahu–>media–>white house–>then back to the media. … Continue reading

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Irish MP Destroys Israel’s Ambassador

One of many reasons I love Ireland and its people. LoveR. PS I bet the Israeli Ambassador’s answer was a hoot. So I do. — Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) May … Continue reading

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Tanning Your Leather Shoes with Grapeseed Oil

I found a neat little trick while experimenting with ways to darken leather. I own an old pair of brown leather shoes that had grown weathered and faded over time, … Continue reading

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Qui Est Israel?

23 Alors Jésus dit à ses disciples : Vraiment, je vous l’assure : il est difficile à un riche d’entrer dans le royaume des cieux. 24 Oui, j’insiste : il est plus facile … Continue reading

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Backstory Behind Israel’s Bombing of the Associated Press Building

Yesterday, a residential tower in Gaza was bombed by the Israeli military.  The Associated Press, or the AP – the name that you might be more familiar with, had been … Continue reading

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Israel Just Bombed the Associated Press Building

I hope the Associated Press learns the same valuable lesson that countless others have in the past. That even if they sacrifice their dignity to prop up the financial elites, … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom in Xinjiang Incomparable in History: Islamic Association President

    Religious freedom in Xinjiang incomparable in history: Islamic association president BEIJING, May 14 (Xinhua) — The current condition of religious freedom in Xinjiang is incomparable in history, President … Continue reading

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Merkel opposes Biden’s call to waive Covid-19 vaccine patent protections, as Spain says proposal ‘not enough’

The Biden administration’s endorsement of a proposal to waive intellectual property rights on Covid-19 vaccines is facing new opposition from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “The limiting factor for the production … Continue reading

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Russia ready to back waiving intellectual property rights for Covid vaccines, as Putin says now ‘not the time to maximize profits’

 Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Moscow would support relinquishing patent rights for Covid-19 vaccines, given the importance of fighting the pandemic. The proposals to waive intellectual property rights … Continue reading

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Humanitarian 2 – Joe Biden is Secretly a Good Person?

I’m adding a bit of context to my previous post that only briefly addressed the vaccine IP issue, but it did not clarify why I think Joe biden did something … Continue reading

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Humanitarian. Biden Supports Waiving IP Protections of COVID-19 Vaccines.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The Biden administration supports waiving intellectual property protections for COVID-19 vaccines due to the global emergency triggered by the pandemic, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai said Wednesday. … Continue reading

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Brazil to Continue Dialogue for Sputnik V Approval

It’s probably a good idea for Brazil to approve the Sputnik V vaccine, but that’s none of my business.  There’s a wide spectrum of stances overlooking the Coronavirus pandemic.  Youtube … Continue reading

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Tonight We Pray

Lord Jesus, at times we become impatient and we say things that we come to regret down the road. We ask for your forgiveness and for your patience. We refresh … Continue reading

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Exciting Times Ahead. Saudi Arabia & Iran Mend Wounds. Baltic States + Poland the New Hamburger Hill?

Tehran Welcomes Riyadh’s Changed Rhetoric on Bilateral Relations, Foreign Ministry Says   “By presenting proposals and initiatives for dialogue and cooperation in the Persian Gulf region, including the Hormuz Peace … Continue reading

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Saudi Broadcaster ‘Leaks’ Context Free Quotes From Iran’s Foreign Minister – Should it be Trusted?

From B. A rather weird leak from Iran appeared yesterday. But even weirder is the reporting about it. From the New York Times:   Iran’s Foreign Minister, in Leaked Tape, … Continue reading

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Military Bases Housing Migrant Children Plagued by Serial Sexual Abuse Claims

Military Bases Housing Migrant Children Plagued by Serial Sexual Abuse Claims By W.W. The Biden administration is now housing unaccompanied migrant children on military bases in Texas and California. Some … Continue reading

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Inflation or Deflation?

Going to be honest. I understand a bit about these two things, about as much as a normal person could, given what is available to read on the web. The … Continue reading

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Iran’s Reputation Increases by 2.

Look everyone! I’m projecting!  The list of things you can mock this guy for is endless.   The last few months have been a period for sensitive negotiations between the … Continue reading

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Archvillain Quotes

Ha ha ha. such an amusing gesture from the rabble. When I’m done with you, my master’s blade will feast upon your souls. -Scourgelord Tyrannus Do you ever get the … Continue reading

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Left my Blog Idle for a Week

I left by blog idle for about a week and what did I find? A writer from theGuardian who writes a blog here on WordPress made a link to my … Continue reading

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How to Bypass Google’s Fake News

Flashback to 2014. Crimea’s referendum to return home to Russia.  This is what I do to bypass all the fake mainstream media news.  When doing a search on Google, add … Continue reading

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The Economy’s Lingo

On mainstream news sites, these terms are always presented in a good light -expanding the balance sheet -bull market -cap rate What these things essentially mean in simple terms are … Continue reading

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The BBC is Trying to Lie to the British People Again. (Syria Allegations)

Anytime an MSM news article starts with “In a misty cave long forgotten on a faraway land somewhere ago,” it’s going to be filled with fiction. The BBC published an … Continue reading

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China’s Industrial Profits Accelerate Rebound in First Two Months. And Why I Haven’t Bought NIKE in Over 20 Years

BEIJING, March 27 (Xinhua) — Profits of China’s major industrial firms saw accelerated growth in the first two months of this year as the economy further firms up from the … Continue reading

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Places I Want to Visit

Probably won’t happen because we’re fast approaching a possible recession.

03/23/2021 · 2 Comments

So Much Energy

Can you feel it? It started about 2 weeks ago on the 7th. Energy surging throughout the world. Did you participate in this once in a lifetime occurence? This, I … Continue reading

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Tony Blinken in Alaska BTFO, and Ajit Singh Unravels the Fake Uyghur Story

On March 18th, US and China began a diplomatic meeting in Alaska. It started with accusations from both sides of undiplomatic rhetoric. Yang warned the United States to back off … Continue reading

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Mexican Army Seizes ‘Counterfeit’ Shipment of Sputnik V as Developers of Russian Covid-19 Vaccine Warn of Efforts to Discredit Jab

  Fears of fake vaccines have been heightened after authorities in Mexico raided a private plane they say was attempting to smuggle a thousand vials of what appeared to be … Continue reading

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Who is Candace Owens Talking about?

Internet arguments. It’s when you are overcome with honesty, and you vent your emotions without hesitation.  An internet argument erupted between two black female celebrities over the GRAMMY awards recently, … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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