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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Hellooo! Mcfly?!

WASHINGTON — The White House blasted what it called “rapid onset buyer’s remorse” after House and Senate leaders conceded problems with the 9/11 lawsuit bill Congress just enacted into law over … Continue reading

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Painting Hillary Clinton with Bob Ross. (Parody)

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Syrian Girl Speculates that the UN Aid Convoy that was Struck on the 19th, was the Work of Syrian Rebels

In this video, Syrian Girl explains why she thinks the rebels may have been responsible for the strike on the UN aid convoy. Included in the video is John Kerry … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Tells us that Clinton is Surging. Infowars Takes a Closer Look.

Infowars gives us a rare glimpse of one of the Clinton campaign’s volunteer recruitment operations in Ohio.

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Hottie Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova: “We are All Hostages to it” (Obama Administration’s Projection of Internal Issues)

With several choice words, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova delivers a powerful message. “He [Obama] had received a credit [of trust] to perform a particular job as the head … Continue reading

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JIT Refuses to Use Data from Almaz-Antey as Part of the MH-17 Investigation.

Two new videos about the MH-17 investigation are out. com/watch?v=km8KY2t_WWM com/watch?v=JbIPo8dW9b0 They’re both an hour long so I suggest viewing them while you’re doing something else so that you don’t … Continue reading

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CNN’s Jeanne Moose and Her Vibrant Vocab!

The crazies on the left like to parade themselves as the proverbial paragons of virtue, but look at this tasty article from 1997! It appears that Trump actually stood up … Continue reading

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Hillary Sure Loves Beaming the Pearly Whites when She’s Proven Wrong. But that’s OK, this is News for the Blind. Share and Like this Video!

Hillary burned on: NAFTA, TPP, business savvy, the African American youth, the photo of Obama in African robes, and the birther movement.  But Clinton adherents will ignore the evidence.  Cue … Continue reading

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Alicia Machado, Former Miss Universe, Had a Child with Mexican Drug Cartel Lord Gerardo Alvarez-Vazquez. Looks Like Hillary Really Does Enjoy the Company of Criminals. (Part 2)

Say hello to one of the newest Citizens. On June 25, 2008, Machado gave birth to a daughter, and said that the father was her best friend Mexican businessman Rafael … Continue reading

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Alicia Machado Accidentally Admits Right on CNN her Criminal “Past.” Looks Like Hillary Really Does Enjoy the Company of Criminals.

Miss Piggy, and Ms Housekeeping, was what Trump was accused of, at the debate last night.  It was a criticism of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.  But in a live … Continue reading

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Hottie Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova Rebukes US Ambassador Power.

  Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson turns the table on US Ambassador Power, as she reminds Power that it was US foreign policy that destroyed the once stable nations of Iraq … Continue reading

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EEEEWWWW. Katy Perry to Release Nude Video to Grab Click Revenue from Hillary Voters.

It’s a sign of what the music industry execs are thinking: that Katy is getting too old. And Katy Perry appears to be taking a leaf out of her British … Continue reading

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Uh Oh, Looks Like the International Bankers are Preparing for the Next Phase of the War. Colombia’s FARC to be Removed from EU Terror List.

Remember when… With the prospects of a Trump presidency looming ever closer, international bankers are revising their strategies, to prepare for a potential rogue player.  Hillary’s media allies are defecting, … Continue reading

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TIME and NETFLIX Wants to Make Movie Stars Out of the White Helmets. But They Didn’t Know that People Knew Since 5 Months Ago, that White Helmets Were Al-Queda.

All the way back from May 5, 2016.  View and share this video to your friends! Stay informed!

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Vitaly Churkin: “Over 200,000 Residents of Aleppo are Hostages of the Al-Nusra Front and Groups Allied With it.”

In a meeting with the United Nations Security Council, Russia’s envoy Vitaly Churkin reminds UN members, that Western backers are still supplying arms to Al-Nusra, while the US turns a … Continue reading

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The Price for the Life of a 7 Year Old Boy in Cameroon is $1,700 USD?

Not many will remember this. It wasn’t heavily repeated in US news, but back in April, the United States Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, and her convoy ran over … Continue reading

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Huge Mystery

Whenever somebody this high up does something this stupid, you know there’s a much bigger story to be uncovered.  According to The Hill, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi are aiming … Continue reading

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Watch US Senator Graham Teeter Back and Forth Like an Angry Baby as he Coaxes Ash Carter and Joe Dunford to do a Ritual Circle-Jerk at Capitol Hill.

Absolutely mortifying. Senator Graham’s intent in this clip is to discredit Barack Obama. At the same time, lots of double speak is being used, to make it appear as if … Continue reading

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Hillary Loses it in Latest Video. Look at those Bugged Out Eyes.

Hillary asks why she isn’t 50 points up. It’s the voice.  It’s mean-spirited.  It’s literally dripping with hate.  She cares for no-one. And I also won’t mention the high level … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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