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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Do You See How Jesus Has Provided For Assad and Syria for Many Many Trials? 16 Images. (Part 2)

It’s because Assad follows Jesus’ word.  He protects Christians in Syria. Israel and Saudi Arabia on the other hand deny Jesus. Spread these everywhere!  Saudi/US chemical manufacturing equipment found inside … Continue reading

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Hey Kids! Wanna See Some Proof That Assad Gassed Those Kids in Syria? 14 Images. Spread This Everywhere!!! (Part 1)

Let the pictures tell you the entire story.  They’re numbered sequentially too! And don’t believe that western journalists weren’t given access to the chemical factories! They chose not to cover … Continue reading

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March 1 Jimmy Dore Episode. (Video)

In this episode, Jimmy Dore and Max Blumenthal explain why Cornell West was denied tenure at Harvard. It’s no secret that “race” is the premium topic on editorial planning boards … Continue reading

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Leaked Justice League 2 Storyboards – It’s Bad

-The Justice League protects a world on the brink of war. -Superman has lost his humanity following his rebirth and Lois Lane is trying to restore it. -Batman is searching … Continue reading

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Notes on Prana 2

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Notes on Prana

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The Xinjiang Uyghur Story Keeps Changing.

“Uighurs forced to eat pork” – Horror Stories Told By Chinese Defector Seem To Evolve – Al Jazeerah, the propaganda outlet of Qatar, has published a remarkable anti-China propaganda piece … Continue reading

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Hong Kongers Snap Up UK Homes and Do What They Excel At: Being Landlords.

HONG KONG — Hong Kong residents are buying more houses and apartments to lease out for income in Britain, property agents say, a trend that coincides with what many expect … Continue reading

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SolarWinds Hack. The Many Links that Exonerate Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea

An industry governed by parameters so stringent, they can’t even accuse their own abusers of wrongdoing.   Another Mega Group Spy Scandal? Samanage, Sabotage, And The SolarWinds Hack The devastating … Continue reading

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CDC Report on M-RNA Vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna)

The M-RNA vaccine fatality rate is 5.83%. Covid-19’s fatality rate is about 1%, just for comparison. This is according to a report by the British Medical Journal (BMJ), on Spain. … Continue reading

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Big Trouble for the Elites

In the past, the elites would dismiss their actions as “simple coincidence,” – that the population was wide and diverse enough to allow such deviations from normalcy to occur. They … Continue reading

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OHCHR Report on the Occupied Palestinian Territories is Fair and Balanced

From the United Nations Human Rights Council (OHCHR) this morning. The Human Rights Council in its midday meeting held an interactive dialogue with the High Commissioner for Human Rights on … Continue reading

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Benefits of America(s) Teaming Up with Russia?

Well for starters, we would be saving a lot of precious money by not having to spend any more on bombs and vehicles and soldiers. With regards to nuclear weapons, … Continue reading

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Splitting headache from a sore tooth this evening. Usually a pill would be enough, but tonight I took two, then three, then four. An hour went by and the pain … Continue reading

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I Found a Good Subreddit Where Ex-Scientologists Share Their Stories

It’s a place where ex-scientologists can share their experiences of being in this cult, and the things that led them to flee from it.  Here’s one story of a person … Continue reading

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How the Soviet Union Reacted to John F Kennedy’s Assassination

On November 22, 1963, at 12:30 pm, John F Kennedy was assasinated as he rode in his motorcade, just as it passed the Texas School Book Depository.  Sometime between 12:30 … Continue reading

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All Levels of Government Were Compromised (9/11)

  In January 2001, the security branch of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency began to receive a number of peculiar reports from DEA field offices across the country. According to … Continue reading

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Our Governments are Useless.

I did a quick search on Reddit for Scientology.  There’s a lot of hate for scientology, and I’m not at all bothered by this. From coercion, to scare tactics, to … Continue reading

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Calamansi with Honey

What’s a calamansi? Calamansi is a tiny orb shaped citrus fruit that is cultivated primarily in South East Asia.  More specifically in the Philipppines as that is where it gets … Continue reading

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Star Trek Discovery – Second Review

This show is really not what the first three episodes initially made it out to be. Was it a script change mid season? Possibly. If at first it seemed as … Continue reading

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Star Trek Discovery – Dripping with Sweet Tasting Racism

Klingons are portrayed as black supremacists while white actors are given the “naive white guy” treatment! Is that enough to dissuade you from watching it? 4 years later, I decided … Continue reading

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GDP Wizardry

If you take half the money you spend on foreign aid & domestic brainwashing, and spend it on free healthcare instead, you would see a 3000% rise in the economy.

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How Do We Deradicalize US Navy Admirals


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Pet Rock Spied on Moscow. Navalny Exposed.

British embassy workers in Moscow caught colluding with FBK’s Executive Director. Video surveillance evidence+proof.

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10 Year Old Kid Wins Big Amid Gamestop Squeeze (Updated)

About less than a week ago, news broke out about a group of amateur investors short squeezing the Wallstreet sharks. Well a 10 year old kid heard it on the … Continue reading

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Biden to Ban the Term “China Flu” from Government Statements

Asians finally getting a little bit of love from the government.  Maybe Joe Biden isn’t so bad after all!

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Examples of Loxism. (Real Tweets and Actual MSM articles)

– I was thinking last night about how my ancestors were victims of slavery.  They were used as slaves to build the railroads during the nascent stages of America and … Continue reading

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I Will Make the Diet Coke Button Reappear on the President’s Desk. (Part 2)

The mainstream news made a mistake by reposting some random nobody’s tweet on the internet. They got caught, but continue to double down. If they’re willing to lie about something … Continue reading

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Larry King has Passed Away at 87

Larry King. One of the best Radio/TV/Internet talk show hosts this era.  His was the only show I would watch on CNN, along with Anderson Cooper’s, back in the early … Continue reading

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I Will Make the Diet Coke Button Reappear on the President’s Desk.

It’s magic. Don’t ask. Here’s a close up of the diet coke button. :D:D:D Wooooo-wooooo-WOLOLOLOOO    

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Will Biden Plunge the World Into Another Disastrous Costly War?

The top most voted comment chain from a thread posted up on the r/Worldnews subreddit. My personal suggestion would be to give peace talks a chance.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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