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Do You See How Jesus Has Provided For Assad and Syria for Many Many Trials? 16 Images. (Part 2)

It’s because Assad follows Jesus’ word.  He protects Christians in Syria. Israel and Saudi Arabia on the other hand deny Jesus. Spread these everywhere!  Saudi/US chemical manufacturing equipment found inside … Continue reading

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Hey Kids! Wanna See Some Proof That Assad Gassed Those Kids in Syria? 14 Images. Spread This Everywhere!!! (Part 1)

Let the pictures tell you the entire story.  They’re numbered sequentially too! And don’t believe that western journalists weren’t given access to the chemical factories! They chose not to cover … Continue reading

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You are Beautiful. No Matter Who You Are.

It’s all about teamwork.  I sounded like a dictator leading an authoritarian regime writing that; which is really odd.  How did things get so twisted, that the concept of teamwork … Continue reading

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Turkey and the Kurds Agree to US Brokered Ceasefire

Trump’s unorthodox diplomacy works, but low IQ democrats won’t understand how it works. Early in the morning A few hours later An hour passes Here’s the letter that Trump fired … Continue reading

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Subpoena With Deceased Elijah Cummings’ Signature is a Forgery

Congressman Elijah Cummings died early this morning at about 2:50 am. It was reported that he had been in the hospital since 7 days ago. This subpoena was signed 7 … Continue reading

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Erdogan VS Putin and Assad

Small signs of trouble. Russian Air Force intercepts Turkish F-16 in northern Syria: media The Russian Air Force allegedly intercepted a Turkish warplane as it was flying over Syrian airspace … Continue reading

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President Trump Asks Us to Pray for Nancy Pelosi

Oh I don’t know. I think my prayers are already working.  Pelosi and Schumer storm out of a White House meeting after experiencing a mega mental meltdown. It’s reported that … Continue reading

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Tulsi Gabbard Clips at the DemDebate

I know some of you guys out there are fans of Tulsi, so here are just the clips of Tulsi from tonight’s Demdebate.

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Democrats Have No Plan for Medicare for All

Several choice clips from the Democrat debate. Just follow this thread on twitter by Karli Bonne. In the tweet that I referenced with the picture above, Pete Butigieg criticizes … Continue reading

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125 House Republicans to Censure Schiff + Project Veritas Video Part 2

125 House Republicans move to censure Senator Schiff for lying on TV about the Trump Zelensky phone call. “Schiff simply does not have the gravitas that a weighty procedure such … Continue reading

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Employees Reveal that CNN’s Offices are Dark Chambers Saturated with Negativity

The new Project Veritas Video. I’m pretty sure I saw two latino employees in the video express their discontent at the way that the company is being run by Jeff … Continue reading

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Cry Havoc! Arizona Attorney Linked to John McCain Arrested

And let slip Paul Peterson, McCain’s Bag Boy. -Recently we reported on the arrest of Paul Peterson, an attorney and former elected public servant, who is now facing DOJ charges … Continue reading

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Hello I Work for Buzzfeed

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Vintage Tech

Vrrrrt, whrrrrrrrr! Gosh I still remember making my first ever phone call. It was to my cousin back when I was 6 or 7, and I didn’t even know what … Continue reading

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Shep Smith Out, US Forces Safe, Democrat Calls Children “NAZIS”

Quick updates because I’m not really paying attention due to work. Shep Smith fired. Buzzfeed and CNN try to make it sound like he resigned. Newsweek tries to make it … Continue reading

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Good News for the Middle Class, Working Students, and Working Parents.

Problems are getting fixed without the democrats’ consent. So get on board and don’t miss out.  And shhh, don’t tell the lefties! They’re not invited.

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You’ve Got the Touch. You’ve Got the Power. Yeah! (Video)

  My favorite superhero, President Trump. Latest headlines: Biden was whistleblower’s boss. NBC’s Matt Laurer raped colleague in 2014 in Sochi. Trump, Iran & Russia call for restraint between the … Continue reading

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The Turkey VS Kurds Thing. What Should You Do?

Yes, a lot of people, not everybody, but a lot of people are upset that the Turks are launching a ground offensive into Syria to fight the Kurds.  I’m upset … Continue reading

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We Really Want to Get Out of the Middle East, But the Lefties Want More Blood

Let me show you the reactions from the lefties. Notice how 3 out of these 5 people are homophobes and racists? Interesting isn’t it? Hundreds of millions of people have … Continue reading

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Authoritarian VS Democratic

To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take Arms against … Continue reading

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In 2000, Bill Clinton Colluded with Tony Blair to “Fix” a Dispute

The document itself states that this was done specifically to influence the outcome of a “political season.”  This incident with Clinton is a lot more “on the nose” than what … Continue reading

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Massive Cash Grab. Minneapolis Mayor Vacuums Up $530k for Arena Security

Obama’s bill in comparison in 2009 was only $20k.  This is an example of how debt continues to be a cancerous problem for the poor and middle class. It’s when … Continue reading

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Dope Tests Were Selectively Altered by RUSADA. (2020 Tokyo Olympics)

Andersen wrote last month that the data shows signs that particular athletes’ test results were selectively edited, rather than the random changes which could result from a corrupted file. MOSCOW … Continue reading

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The House Impeachment Process Altered on SAME DAY as Whistleblower Complaint

The chances for Adam Schiff to be arrested just got higher. Apparently there is this thing called a House Impeachment process which outlines the procedures in which the house would … Continue reading

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Oh Snap! China Abandons Iran!

  https://www  .aljazeera  .com/news/2019/10/iran-chinese-state-oil-firm-withdraws-5bn-deal-191006191347427.html Chinese company pulls out of the agreement in what appears to be the latest economic setback because of US sanctions. China’s state oil company pulled out … Continue reading

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Hmmmm. So You’re Saying That It Was Never for America to Begin With?

Anybody remember the NYTimes piece that exposed how Obama shipped weapons from Libya to Syria to arm ISIS? https://  www  .nytimes  .com/2013/06/22/world/africa/in-a-turnabout-syria-rebels-get-libyan-weapons.html During his more than four decades in power, … Continue reading

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The Looting of Russia’s Pensions. “Why Isn’t Anybody Buying My Stuff”

I was reading an article on the Moscow Times about how the economy is being mishandled, then it occurred to me: everybody is doing similar things. Here is the article … Continue reading

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China Bans Degenerate South Park Cartoon from TV.

Imagine that you spent years teaching kids how to be shallow & amoral, then you decry censorship because China wouldn’t let you do the same to the kids in their … Continue reading

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-Lift the Veil- Supports President Trump’s Troop Withdrawal from Syria

Starts at the 22 minute mark. -Good news from the whitehouse -This is good news -We’ve been supportive of Donald Trump, as far as his non interventionist streak, as far … Continue reading

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Senator Rand Paul Supports President Trump’s Troop Pullout from Syria

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY):  Well, it sounded like you just listed the neocon war caucus of the Senate.  So, yes, they always want to stay at war.  They always think … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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