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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Ukrainian Orthodox Priest Hanged by Ukrainian Soldiers

Unconfirmed video of a Ukrainian Orthodox priest hanging by a noose tied to a tree, children’s song playing in the background. Independent Italian journalist Anrea Lucidi published a shocking video … Continue reading

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Christians Baptized on the Battlefield

A priest baptizes Russian soldiers on the battlefield. A Russian paratrooper holding up a military banner. The colors are in orange and black, the same as St. George’s ribbon. In … Continue reading

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John Wick: Chapter 4

Goood movie! It’s 2 hours and 50 minutes long, and it’s a movie that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is: a fighting movie. The Matrix in … Continue reading

05/23/2023 · 9 Comments

8pc Bucket of KFC for $23.00.

At this price I used to get 12 pcs and 2L bottles of coke with it. Thanks Biden! Kowtowing to JPMorgan, sanctioning Russia’s gas and oil, and sanctioning China’s manufacturing … Continue reading

05/11/2023 · 2 Comments

Turkiye will Soon be Subjected to Random Minor Acts of Terrorism and Sabotage

I’ve read enough hyperbolic headlines to recognize the ones that are specifically written to increase engagement and emotional fervor amongst internetly addicted readers, and this one fits the bill very … Continue reading

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How to Block ‘Google Login Popups’ and ‘Youtube Shorts’

I used to love browsing Youtube for its ease of use. I would scroll and scroll and scroll, and I would find endless hours of uninterrupted entertainment. They’ve recently added … Continue reading

05/03/2023 · 1 Comment

TikTok was Infested with State Dept Vampires

Amid a national hysteria claiming the popular video-sharing app is a Chinese Trojan Horse, a MintPress News investigation has found dozens of ex-U.S. State Department officials working in key positions … Continue reading

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Good News for Good Friday

I hope everyone had a nice Good Friday today. Good news. Saudi Arabia and Yemen are in talks to end the Yemen war. On top of this, both Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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Russian MC Club Riding with Bear

⚡️ Yuuup, you guessed it right, this only happens in Russia 🇷🇺 Russian Bear casually rides with his MC Club like a boss 😂#Bakhmut #Russians #Moscow #US #China #Ukrainians #Putin … Continue reading

03/21/2023 · 3 Comments

Everyone is Laughing at the ICC

The ICC is angry at Putin for evacuating vulnerable families away from an active warzone. Whoaaa! Today, 17 March 2023, Pre-Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court (“ICC” or … Continue reading

03/18/2023 · 1 Comment

Pension Protest in France.

03/17/2023 · 2 Comments

The Scariest Part About this War is Knowing that Hundreds of Millions of People Out there Still Read Yahoo News

I really have no clue how the world is perceived by normies. Every battlefield win of ours is reported as a loss on Yahoo News, we can’t get a word … Continue reading

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F Zelensky and F that War

https://www. tiktok. com/@anthonyblogan/video/7205605822624222507 Anthony Blogan shows us the viral video of Zelensky demanding that we send our sons and daughters to die for Ukraine. But Zelensky isn’t the only one … Continue reading

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EU Refuses to Fulfil Their Part of the Bargain in the Russia-EU Grain Deal. Germany Participates in the Coverup of the Nordstream 2 Terror Bombing.

Black Sea shipments of Ukrainian grain. It was a deal that was brokered by Turkiye, to allow shipments of Ukrainian grain to pass through unharmed. Prior to this, the shores … Continue reading

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My old house, back when I was a kid, had its own mini library, filled with books and encyclopedias. I grew up reading classics such as The Adventures of Tom … Continue reading

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Hoooold! Financial terrorism, assassinations, religious discrimination, and the US treasury. How are they all connected? How are these three connected? Hmmm I wonder. Curious! Food prices are up by 400%, … Continue reading

02/28/2023 · 1 Comment

“How About Accountability, Not Airheadedness?” Jose Vega Tears Into Hakeem Jeffries. Nordstream Pipeline Related.

I confronted @hakeemjeffries on the Nordstream 2 pipeline revelations. I asked him to inquire into whether or not is true and to hold @POTUS accountable. His response? Lets praise Biden … Continue reading

02/24/2023 · 2 Comments

BBC: Social Care Costs are Way Too High

Social care costs see thousands chased for debt More than 60,000 adults with disabilities and long-term illnesses in England were chased for debts by councils last year after failing to … Continue reading

02/22/2023 · 1 Comment

Rage Against the War Machine: Live Stream

Stick it to Klaus Schwab by watching this live stream! Anti war rally at the Lincoln memorial. Left wing, right wing, and centrists are welcome! Religious, and non religious, everyone … Continue reading

02/19/2023 · 4 Comments

Nancy Mace and Marjorie Greene Grill Former Twitter Employees on COVID, Sex, and Censorship.

More on Twitter files — Jayne Potvin (@Fisherlady111) February 9, 2023 Amazing! Rep Nancy Mace grills American attorney Vijaya Gadde, former head of legal policy and trust at Twitter. … Continue reading

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Big Anti-War Rally at the Lincoln Memorial

Wow. Real good people are attending. And I mean, the really good, really consistent, non flip floppy, stubborn, and commited, anti-war advocates are attending! I hear that Chris Hedges will … Continue reading

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Ostensibly L’eau de poule mouillee

02/17/2023 · 2 Comments

Microsoft’s AI Chat Bot Goes Haywire.

Jacob Roach from DigitalTrends takes Bing Chat out for a spin and finds that Bing Chat has a low threshhold for lieing. Hey, it’s a lot like the Politico website! … Continue reading

02/16/2023 · 3 Comments

Twitter Files 9

1.THREAD: The Twitter FilesTWITTER AND "OTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCIES" — Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) December 24, 2022 1.THREAD: The Twitter Files TWITTER AND “OTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCIES” After weeks of “Twitter Files” reports … Continue reading

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NATO Exercises

After reading Seymour Hersh’s article on pipeline terrorism, it leaves me to wonder just how many dozens of other bombs has NATO littered the South China sea with. How many … Continue reading

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I don’t see any reason for anyone to want to work in a toxic culture that discriminates against heterosexual, Christians, who believe in fair wages, law and order, creative freedoms, … Continue reading

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Seymour Hersh, the Good Guy in this Story

I’ve been looking for something positive to write the last couple of weeks, and what perfect timing! Seymour Hersh is on the news again, making waves for doing something that … Continue reading

02/10/2023 · 1 Comment

Using a Bandaid to Treat Inflation.

Whoa, take a look at that long list of blocked web domains that, would have otherwise gotten through if, I hadn’t used ‘Noscript’ to block all of them! This is … Continue reading

02/01/2023 · 5 Comments

Follow Up on the Project Veritas Blog Post: This is the Video They are Talking About

This one is the actual video that was being referenced in Project Veritas’ tweet (the one that everyone said was banned on Youtube). Sorry about that, I got the two … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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