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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

What Happens When We Mute the Audio on the Post Debate Pro Clinton Punditry? The Truth Emerges! Are We Having Fun yet? (20 pics)

The moment it dawned on her, that no amount of shills can win her the election. Let Hillary herself tell you what she personally thought of her own performance at … Continue reading

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Canadian News Will Never Cover This. Canadians Please Don’t Watch This.

If you’ve ever been pro NATO, Pro Obama, Pro Justin Trudeau, Pro David Cameron, Pro Carl Bildt, Pro Mark Ruffalo, Pro George Soros, you might not want to watch this. … Continue reading

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CNN Claims Project Veritas Video is Fake. This Stay at Home Mom Digs Up CNN Footage that Proves Project Veritas Video is Real.

In this case, a stay-at-home mom managed to shame CNN with their own footage vindicating James O’Keefe’s exposé showing the DNC’s corrupt efforts to win the election against Donald Trump.  In the clip (below) created … Continue reading

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2 Daily Sheeple Videos You Should See. (Because TIME and Global News are Boring)

Is Hillary the epitome of white privilege? “White privilege” is a trendy liberal term that has in recent times, come to replace the old and outdated terms “entitled,” and “Spoiled.” … Continue reading

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Versus the Establishment (Video)

Remember to Vote on November 8!

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Folks, Please Share This Video to as Many People as You can.

Paul Joseph Watson speaks to the mainstream media. An incredible amount of clips from CNN and MSNBC + the reason why democrats should vote for Trump.

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Former Travel Chef for the Whitehouse, Apartment Broken Into at 3 AM, After Giving an Interview About Hillary’s Frequent Use of Racially Derogatory Words.

This happened after Tracy Martin gave an interview to the Tom Bauerle show. The interview was about Hillary using the “N” word. (Frequently). In the interview, Martin told the radio host, … Continue reading

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Trump Makes Several Good Points (Video)

The dinner with Catholic leaders was a momentous event. It would have been difficult to understand what happened, if you witnessed the event from a non religious perspective. At the … Continue reading

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Voter Fraud Detected in Georgia

Jay from Altnews dot com reports that 1,580 early votes have just been cast in the same county as the one where a DNC bus was captured dumping raw sewage … Continue reading

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Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie’s Father) on George Soros. Plus -Black Pigeon Speaks- Describes Soros.

The link between Soros and voting machines.

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Who is George Soros. Bill O’ Reilly Show.

George Soros, a man with nearly unlimited political power is featured in this video.  Through Soros’ Open Society Foundation, people, politicians, lobbyists and journalists are controlled and directly manipulated by … Continue reading

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Voting Machine Hacking. Court Hearing. (Video)

A computer programmer from LSC, testified in court, that he designed a program that had the capability of rigging elections, 51% to 49%. A congressman (Tom Feeny, former speaker of … Continue reading

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Could Hillary’s Smile Cost her the Election?

The Daily Mail takes another stab at the Vampire. The beast is weakened! The Democratic candidate faced a flood of insults as she took to the stage at the University … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Makes the Best Posters.

After weeks of reading the mainstream media’s BS, I realize, that nothing they say or write really matters. The MSM literally dragged many celebrities down with them.

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Hillary’s Greatest Hits

Note: Clinton fans are currently pleading on social media for people not to vote Trump. 180* turn.

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This is the Candidate that Liberals are Voting for. Funny! (Video)

With a flash of her smile she says “Well if you went on to read the rest of the sentence…” Clinton in this video confirmed the authenticity of the Podesta … Continue reading

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Clinton Fans Completely in the Dark. (Many of Them Choose to be There)

Hillary Clinton in last night’s presidential debate tried to avoid talking about the substance of the damaging WikiLeaks disclosures of DNC and Clinton campaign officials by claiming 17 U.S. intelligence … Continue reading

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Polls That Will Shatter the Illusion (Uno)

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Polls That Will Shatter the Illusion (Dos)

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Elizabeth Warren’s Greatest Hits

Shocked emoji.

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Brian Fallon Caught Feeding Media Questions for Hillary to Answer.

This is apparently Brian Fallon. One of Hillary’s top aides. The video shows him flashing his phone to the reporter in red. People are saying that Fallon had typed a … Continue reading

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AfriSynergyNews Explains How Men Talk BS (Video)

  Remember to vote on Nov 8!

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Donna Brazille Comes up Short During Attempt to Protect Hillary Clinton. (AfriSynergyNews)

Donna Brazille is pretty high up in the DNC. She also used to be a commentator for CNN. In this interview with Megyn Kelly, Donna Brazille says all the wrong … Continue reading

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Hillary Has an Odor Problem. Top Insider. (Video)

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Photos of Trump’s Rallies. MAGA

Not quite all of them, but you get the picture.  Meanwhile, at Hillary’s high school gymnasium… Crickets.

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Thursday Morning Thoughts. What Compensation Do You Get for War? (And Albino Bloatfish)

If you’re a mother, or a daughter, why would you want to send your husband/father to fight a war with Russia? Hillary blames Russia for her failures, but where’s the … Continue reading

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Trump is the New Bernie (Video)

Thank you Senator Sanders for lending us your talents!

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Achievement Unlocked – GREEDY

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They Couldn’t Pay Miley Cyrus to Tweet This.

Because it’s good to keep the citizenry “compliant and unaware.”  

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Retired 3 Star General on Hillary’s Big Booboo Last Night.

Verified account it seems. It’s in response to Hillary’s disclosure on live TV of the nation’s nuclear response time. They’re going to have to pad the polls even more to … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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