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Inflation or Deflation?

Going to be honest. I understand a bit about these two things, about as much as a normal person could, given what is available to read on the web. The … Continue reading

04/14/2021 · 1 Comment

Archvillain Quotes

Ha ha ha. such an amusing gesture from the rabble. When I’m done with you, my master’s blade will feast upon your souls. -Scourgelord Tyrannus Do you ever get the … Continue reading

04/11/2021 · 1 Comment

Left my Blog Idle for a Week

I left by blog idle for about a week and what did I find? A writer from theGuardian who writes a blog here on WordPress made a link to my … Continue reading

04/09/2021 · 2 Comments

How to Bypass Google’s Fake News

Flashback to 2014. Crimea’s referendum to return home to Russia.  This is what I do to bypass all the fake mainstream media news.  When doing a search on Google, add … Continue reading

03/30/2021 · Leave a comment

Places I Want to Visit

Probably won’t happen because we’re fast approaching a possible recession.

03/23/2021 · 2 Comments

Hong Kongers Snap Up UK Homes and Do What They Excel At: Being Landlords.

HONG KONG — Hong Kong residents are buying more houses and apartments to lease out for income in Britain, property agents say, a trend that coincides with what many expect … Continue reading

02/26/2021 · 1 Comment

Benefits of America(s) Teaming Up with Russia?

Well for starters, we would be saving a lot of precious money by not having to spend any more on bombs and vehicles and soldiers. With regards to nuclear weapons, … Continue reading

02/23/2021 · 3 Comments

How Do We Deradicalize US Navy Admirals


02/04/2021 · Leave a comment

Pet Rock Spied on Moscow. Navalny Exposed.

British embassy workers in Moscow caught colluding with FBK’s Executive Director. Video surveillance evidence+proof.

02/01/2021 · Leave a comment

Cyberpunk 2077’s Story is Very Good.

Another post featuring Keanu Reeves? It’s only because it’s that good. Cyberpunk 2077 is available on the XboxOne, PC, and PS4. It’s an open world role-playing game that lets you … Continue reading

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Why Julian Assange Should be Pardoned – A Republican Perspective (Video)

  The video features Judge Napolitano, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Tucker Carlson, Glenn Greenwald, Stella Morris, and Rudy Giuliani.

01/17/2021 · Leave a comment

Știrile Noastre

Aprilie 2013 Alep Siria—–August 2015 Noi (White Helmets / Al Qaeda) tocmai am sosit Trump aruncă fără respect mâncarea —– Președintele japonez Abe îi instruiește lui Trump să hrănească peștii … Continue reading

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Fa-fa-fa-fa-fascism. (Internet Fascism). It’s Very Popular Inside Mainstream Echochambers.

Power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts. Witness Twitter’s ideological dysphoria refusing reconciliation with its own previous maxims. We have a lot to fear from big tech censorship, even if … Continue reading

01/12/2021 · 1 Comment

Real World Rules (with Guest Appearances by Vin Diesel and Pewdiepie)

I had a dream where Vin Diesel challenged me to reproduce a glitch for a video game. I said to Vin “challenge accepted.” Pewdiepie saw what we were doing and … Continue reading

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Webbläsarhandbok (Swe)

https:// spyware .neocities .org/articles/index.html

01/10/2021 · Leave a comment

Guide du Navigateur (Fr)

https:// spyware .neocities .org/articles/index.html

01/10/2021 · Leave a comment

Guida del Browser (Ita)

https://spyware .neocities .org/articles/index.html

01/10/2021 · Leave a comment


bedragerisk, bedräglig, obmanjiv, измамен, malimbongon, 騙人的, trompeur, betrügerisch,  छल से,  ingannevole,  속이는,  înşelător.

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Time to Abandon Mozilla Firefox

Because of the protest on the Capitol a few days ago, Mozilla plans to add more telemetry into the Firefox browser. This new telemetry will be added into the already … Continue reading

01/09/2021 · 3 Comments

It’s Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas guys! Remember to keep warm this weekend and stay safe!  You’re all heroes, and each and every one of you is blessed. Remember to call your family and … Continue reading

12/24/2020 · 5 Comments

Everything Wrong with the Washington Post Hacking Story.

1 minute read. 1 hour if you read the parts written by the Washington Post. Part deuce  

12/19/2020 · Leave a comment

2021 Needs to be a Year of Good Relations Between Russia China and the USA

Trump supporters and Biden supporters, gather ’round, gather ’round. Earlier this year I made well wishing predictions, hoping that I would reach as many curious ears as possible.  Salted throughout … Continue reading

12/16/2020 · Leave a comment

Hackers, Hackers Everywhere.

What’s amusing about the Washington Post’s numerous claims about Russian hacking is that they never ever print any stories about us hacking them. Maybe our systems are so swiss cheese … Continue reading

12/14/2020 · Leave a comment

Pfizer CEO is Not Taking the Vaccine

Sanjay: Bro! You’re gonna be so loaded with cash yeah! Bourla: Well,  I don’t want to “cut in line.”

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Is Angela Merkel Doing Drugs?

How much faith does the government have on its own people?  It’s a good question to ask irrespective of wherever you live. Germany recently increased its military spending by 10%, … Continue reading

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Love Pours in for Iran. This is the Best Timeline.

UN Spokesperson Stephanne Dujarric: “Of course we condemn any assassination or extra-judicial killing,” “We urge restraint and the need to avoid any actions that could lead to an escalation of … Continue reading

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German Courts to Turn a Blind Eye to Warcrime

    This ride is on rails. Remember to keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.  

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Steve Bannon’s Gnews Website Tries to Push Fake Video of Ballot Fraud

  I’ve got bad news for Steve Bannon’s ardent fellators.  The people in this video have Taiwanese accents, and Taiwan hates China. . I’ve seen propaganda like this from Ukraine. … Continue reading

11/25/2020 · Leave a comment

50 boxes of Ballots in Detroit at 4:05 AM. (Video)

Articia Bomer is a vote counter or an observer, I’m not sure.  She says that at 4:05 AM on November 4th, 50 boxes containing 4000 ballots each, were carted in.  … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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