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This is International Banana Attention, and It’s Beautiful. Here’s Why.

Two days ago, someone had duct taped a banana to a wall and sold it for $120 thousand dollars. It was at an “Art Basel” exhibition in Florida, and it … Continue reading

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19th Century Queen of Witchcraft and Her Contradictory Optics

Found this interesting individual on the internet. A woman named Helen Blavatsky, who fancied herself as the “Queen of Witchcraft,” was a 19th century anti-Christian occultist. She was born in … Continue reading

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The Ukraine Transcript. (Just in Case Anyone Missed It.)

You have now entered the Xander Zone On October 22 – Politico https://www  .politico  .com/news/2019/10/22/william-taylor-ukraine-testimony-trump-054259 On October 22, Politico published an article citing “sources” who were present at Bill Taylor’s … Continue reading

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Rand Paul to the Media: Do Your Job and Print His Name (Video)

Rand Paul tells the corrupt Democrat news organizations to do their jobs and print the whistleblower’s name.

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Happy Saturday! Remember, George Soros Gets His Money Through Donors.

-In 2016, the OSF-funded organization Transparify found that Open Society Foundations was the least transparent non-profit among those in the United States which it reviewed. Open Society Foundations earned a … Continue reading

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Emily Zamourka Blessed with a Second Chance in Life

The story brings two smiles to people’s faces. Her voice is said to be that of an angel’s, and at the same time it demonstrates that there is a yearning … Continue reading

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In 2000, Bill Clinton Colluded with Tony Blair to “Fix” a Dispute

The document itself states that this was done specifically to influence the outcome of a “political season.”  This incident with Clinton is a lot more “on the nose” than what … Continue reading

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The Looting of Russia’s Pensions. “Why Isn’t Anybody Buying My Stuff”

I was reading an article on the Moscow Times about how the economy is being mishandled, then it occurred to me: everybody is doing similar things. Here is the article … Continue reading

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OH SHI… Nancy Pelosi’s Son Has a Speech Impediment Just Like the Mother

No wonder Pelosi is panicking. Her son just got caught red handed with -under the table kick backs- from Ukrainian energy firms!  It’s no wonder the Dems are trying to … Continue reading

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The World Was a Lot Smaller, A Little More Fun, and Way Free’er.

  When Mary J Blige first came on to the scene, it was like a rising sun on the horizon. Only a very select few knew who she was. Here … Continue reading

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BUSTED: Adam Schiff Caught Trying to Fly to Ukraine, Care of the Atlantic Council.

Adam Schiff or Adam Schiff’s lawyers are probably the ones who scripted the whistleblower complaint. This timeline shows how Schiff tried to fly to Ukraine even before the Inspector General … Continue reading

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Along with Soros’ Open Society Foundation, OCCRP says its funders are Google, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the U.S. State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Advisor is Also on Burisma’s Executive Board.

I bet if Giulliani digs deep enough, he’ll find Obama is on there too!  I bet CNN will cover this up.

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The Many Times President Trump Said NO to an Iran Invasion.

I’ve been on the “NO WAR” train for far longer than anybody so please listen carefully. These are the times that I remember Trump calling for peace. These are the … Continue reading

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You don’t want to mess wit him. That’s a stone cold killa. I mean he’s stone cold. Whoo, boy is bad.

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The Arrest of the Russian Exec – Part 2

This video on Youtube has been trending for almost 2 days now. It’s interesting because it explains why aircraft engines play such a large role in the China/US trade war. … Continue reading

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Iran Should Go Into Peace Talks With the US

Never has there been another time where American foreign policy has been so friendly to the Iranian regime, considering history and present day circumstances. To date this will be the … Continue reading

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Ebay Logo Hacked. Replaced With Half Naked Woman.

Users of eBay were left wondering whether or not the site has been hacked after the site’s logo was replaced with a picture of a naked woman. Baffled buyers and … Continue reading

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Two Very Important News Items.

Peace loving folks rejoice. The US Reaches out to the Houthis to talk about ending the Yemen conflict and $3.6 billion has been diverted from bases overseas to fund the … Continue reading

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The Arrest of the Russian Exec in Italy. Sneaky Sneaky Do Some Researchy.

The details are scattered in fragments all across the internet, but piece them together and you end up with a partial puzzle. Engines. WASHINGTON — A Russian defense industry executive … Continue reading

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The US Needs to Honor the INF Treaty Retroactively.

Is it possible to harness the power of quantum entanglement to walk back America’s determination of destroying the human race?  This didn’t require a lot of effort to search for, … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Amazon. Bolsonaro Threatens the Globe with His Low IQ

The recent spat between French President Macron and Bolsonaro has angered people, including me! Amazon rainforest forest fires. Some of it is natural, but most of it is manmade. Farmers … Continue reading

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Carrie Lam of the HK SAR Calls for Dialogue in HK

The term SAR stands for “Special Administrative Region,” an autonomous area of land inside China. The are two in total, Macau and Hong Kong.  Hong Kong became a special administrative … Continue reading

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Vice dot Com Fishes for Articles on WordPress

Yeaaaaahh boyeeee. CNN and Huffington Post are notorious for pilfering WordPress content, but it never occurred to me that Vice would do it too! Example 1 Softbois are difficult to … Continue reading

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Oh What a Feeling. Dancing on the Ceiling. 4 More Years.

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Russian Police QT-3.14’s

  Why haven’t you settled down and started a family with a traditional Russian wife yet? This one’s my favorite because of her smile.

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Reuters BTFO in the Comments. (Hong Kong)

Laserpointers, in the wrong hands, can be harmful weapons.  It’s been almost a week since I first heard of the HK protesters flashing policemen in their eyes with laser beams, … Continue reading

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This Ain’t No Negotiation Stoopid. Pay Money Now Poland Ya Hear?!

No one alive today had anything to do with World War 2, and yet people are still paying for it.   Poland is being given the shakedown by SS Mike … Continue reading

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El Paso Shooter’s Father Hardcore Leftist Hippie. Praised Brazillian Sex Predator.

The El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius might not be the “white supremacist” that CNN claims him to be. Let’s start off with his father who is a hardcore hippie therapist. … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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