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UK vs Canada vs USA

Soccer Football Guns   Sex Government  

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The Israel-UAE-Bahrain Peace Deal is About Oil

This must be the reason why Germany is trying to squeeze a better oil deal from Russia with the Navalny poisoning. It’s important to note the timing of Navalny’s poisoning: … Continue reading

09/11/2020 · 8 Comments

What Happens When You Drive 7 Miles with the Handbrake On


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Will NY Real Estate Values Plummet?

Riots, fires, and looting.  I’m hearing whispers of white flight. Meaning that white people are fleeing New York, leaving behind all their valued homes and appartments! Millions furloughed and millions … Continue reading

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Anita Baker – Sweet Love

When everyone was listening to 2LiveCrew’s Me so Horny, I was listening to Anita Baker’s Sweet Love. When Ghostbusters 2 came out, and everyone was listening to Public Enemy’s Fight … Continue reading

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Weimar’s Golden Years Were in 1924-1928. America’s was from 2008 to 2016

Germany was absolutely wrecked in the aftermath of the first world war. Hyperinflation, extreme degeneracy, neighbors demanding reparations, child prostitution, drugs, and a German people thoroughly crippled & completely demoralized.  … Continue reading

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Today in Terrorism

We’re so distracted by Biden picking Kamala Harris that we fail to notice Israel using American division as a smokescreen to commit brutal bombing strikes on unarmed civilians.  You also … Continue reading

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I Was Just About to Write a Post Making Fun of Poland

But Trump already did. Can you imagine Pompeo rubbing his last two braincells together trying to come up with a masculine reason for being proud of the transfer of troops … Continue reading

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World’s First Covid-19 Vaccine

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Canadian V-Logger goes to Xinjiang. Finds a Nightclub with Uighurs and Chinese Dancing Together. (Video)

The club’s bouncers initially did not want him to record any footage on his phone. 3:44 Uighur singer. 4:37 Turkish music playing. Turkish Uighurs dancing to Turkish music. 6:12 more … Continue reading

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“State Affiliated Media Outlets.”

A change on Twitter happened this afternoon. Twitter has started labeling tweets by Russian and Chinese news outlets as “State affiliated media.”  Here is an example.   Let me show … Continue reading

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Ace of Base – The Sign (Video)

  Have a stress free song for Thursday.  Everyone needs to disconnect from politics every now and then in order to refresh and to regain perspective.

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Parry and Riposte. Chinese Consulate Closure in Houston Benefits China. (Health and COVID19)

U.S. Claims Diplomatic Immunity For Covid-19 – Shuts Down Chinese Consulate From B 22/07/2020 On Tuesday the U.S. government ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas. The … Continue reading

07/22/2020 · 1 Comment

Today in Palestine

We’re not allowed to criticize this because the Deep State owns Hollywood, congress, the news media, and the internet.

07/22/2020 · 1 Comment

Alleged Salas Family Assailant Previously Worked for US/Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm

  The alleged gunmen who killed the son of Esther Salas, the judge recently assigned to the Epstein-Deutsche Bank case, worked for a company of corporate spies and mercenaries with … Continue reading

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Did You Know That the NSA & CIA has Backdoors to Every Piece of Hardware You Own?

Every piece of hardware in the western world is injected with backdoors before they are sold to consumers on the retail level.  These backdoors give the CIA and NSA root … Continue reading

07/20/2020 · 4 Comments

Attempted Assassination of Federal Judge Esther Salas. The Same Judge Presiding Over Karimi v Deutsche Bank (Epstein)

Esther Salas’ husband was shot, and her son was killed.  Here are the news companies that did not mention Epstein in their reporting. CNN https://www .cnn .com/2020/07/19/us/federal-judge-esther-salas-shooting-investigation/index.html WAPO https://www .washingtonpost … Continue reading

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Ongoing List of Terrorist Attacks on Iran in the Months of June, July.

June 25    Parchin explosion                                      Israeli f-35 airstrikes Shiraz power station June 30    Sina At’har hospital July 2       Natanz Nuclear Enrichment Facility           Sabotage with a bomb July 4       Shahid Medhaj Zargan … Continue reading

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Fixed That For You

Funny isn’t it? Everything that Bill Barr said here is the exact replica of what white ethno-nationalists have been saying about Israel for 10 years.  It’s almost as if Barr … Continue reading

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The Biggest Slave Trader of its Time, and Yale University.

Madras (Chennai), is a beautiful city on the coast of the Bay of Bengal in India.  I saw a post here recently about Madras, and at first glance, Madras reminded … Continue reading

07/09/2020 · 3 Comments

The Corona Virus is Spiking Again

I’m in the middle ground where I’m aware that certain groups want to exert control by forcing us into lockdowns and forcing vaccines that have not yet been properly tested. … Continue reading

06/28/2020 · 1 Comment

1000 European MPs Call for Israel Annexation of West Bank to be Halted.

  To the honorable MPs.  You are saving many lives and your hearts are in the right place. But it is certain that Netanyahu will treat you like dirt and … Continue reading

06/25/2020 · 3 Comments

Massive China Hack (Just Kidding, it was Israel). Australian PM Brushes it off with a “Ho-hum.”

Reuters SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A newly discovered spyware effort attacked users through 32 million downloads of extensions to Google’s market-leading Chrome web browser, researchers at Awake Security told Reuters, … Continue reading

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Hey Guy!

Hey guy, don’t hire John Bolton. He’s an egomaniac.  Goes ahead and hires John Bolton anyways. John Bolton publishes a book revealing nasty secrets about you. Hey guy, don’t let … Continue reading

06/18/2020 · 3 Comments

Protester Needs to be Investigated (UK)

The UK government’s reputation can only improve if it investigates this protester’s ties to foreign money. A protester whom SteveBray#holdthemtoaccount@snb19692 refers to as a ‘Kurdish protester’ ran out into the … Continue reading

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Palestinian Homes are Being Stolen from Them.

David vs Goliath A Palestinian boy armed with rocks battles 14 goons armed with assault rifles and body armor. Angela Davis on Palestine Slavery and theft In Palestine, brutal oppression … Continue reading

06/16/2020 · 2 Comments

Minnesota Protests.

Protesters are being bombed with teargas, and the State threatens to send the National Guard against them. I believe this violates the rights of civilians, not to mention George Floyd’s … Continue reading

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For People Who Worry About Vaccines

I want to show you an example of what is going on behind the veil.  We briefly touched upon Zionism last time.  But we didn’t list any examples apart from … Continue reading

05/20/2020 · 1 Comment

When the Going Gets Good, Try to Keep Things in Perspective

A number of countries have passed the peak of infection. We’ve built provisionary hospitals, enacted lockdowns, and fostered a need for communities to work together.  All of that did not … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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