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The Many Times President Trump Said NO to an Iran Invasion.

I’ve been on the “NO WAR” train for far longer than anybody so please listen carefully. These are the times that I remember Trump calling for peace. These are the … Continue reading

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You don’t want to mess wit him. That’s a stone cold killa. I mean he’s stone cold. Whoo, boy is bad.

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The Arrest of the Russian Exec – Part 2

This video on Youtube has been trending for almost 2 days now. It’s interesting because it explains why aircraft engines play such a large role in the China/US trade war. … Continue reading

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Iran Should Go Into Peace Talks With the US

Never has there been another time where American foreign policy has been so friendly to the Iranian regime, considering history and present day circumstances. To date this will be the … Continue reading

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Ebay Logo Hacked. Replaced With Half Naked Woman.

Users of eBay were left wondering whether or not the site has been hacked after the site’s logo was replaced with a picture of a naked woman. Baffled buyers and … Continue reading

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Two Very Important News Items.

Peace loving folks rejoice. The US Reaches out to the Houthis to talk about ending the Yemen conflict and $3.6 billion has been diverted from bases overseas to fund the … Continue reading

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The Arrest of the Russian Exec in Italy. Sneaky Sneaky Do Some Researchy.

The details are scattered in fragments all across the internet, but piece them together and you end up with a partial puzzle. Engines. WASHINGTON — A Russian defense industry executive … Continue reading

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The US Needs to Honor the INF Treaty Retroactively.

Is it possible to harness the power of quantum entanglement to walk back America’s determination of destroying the human race?  This didn’t require a lot of effort to search for, … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Amazon. Bolsonaro Threatens the Globe with His Low IQ

The recent spat between French President Macron and Bolsonaro has angered people, including me! Amazon rainforest forest fires. Some of it is natural, but most of it is manmade. Farmers … Continue reading

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Carrie Lam of the HK SAR Calls for Dialogue in HK

The term SAR stands for “Special Administrative Region,” an autonomous area of land inside China. The are two in total, Macau and Hong Kong.  Hong Kong became a special administrative … Continue reading

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Vice dot Com Fishes for Articles on WordPress

Yeaaaaahh boyeeee. CNN and Huffington Post are notorious for pilfering WordPress content, but it never occurred to me that Vice would do it too! Example 1 Softbois are difficult to … Continue reading

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Oh What a Feeling. Dancing on the Ceiling. 4 More Years.

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Russian Police QT-3.14’s

  Why haven’t you settled down and started a family with a traditional Russian wife yet? This one’s my favorite because of her smile.

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Reuters BTFO in the Comments. (Hong Kong)

Laserpointers, in the wrong hands, can be harmful weapons.  It’s been almost a week since I first heard of the HK protesters flashing policemen in their eyes with laser beams, … Continue reading

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This Ain’t No Negotiation Stoopid. Pay Money Now Poland Ya Hear?!

No one alive today had anything to do with World War 2, and yet people are still paying for it.   Poland is being given the shakedown by SS Mike … Continue reading

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El Paso Shooter’s Father Hardcore Leftist Hippie. Praised Brazillian Sex Predator.

The El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius might not be the “white supremacist” that CNN claims him to be. Let’s start off with his father who is a hardcore hippie therapist. … Continue reading

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Parents Catch FBI in Plot to Force Mentally Ill Son to be a Right Wing Terrorist.

By Matt Agorist It’s become a near-weekly occurrence. Somewhere in some state, the FBI will announce that they’ve foiled yet another terrorist plot and saved lives. However, as the data … Continue reading

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Blaming the Victim. British Teen Gangraped by Israeli Cadets was Coerced by the Police

The story goes, a British girl agrees to have sex with two Israeli cadets. One of them filmed her saying to her “you are our whore” in hebrew. She asked … Continue reading

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Times of Israel Publishes Hilarious Article Whitewashing ISIS.

Everybody knows by now that ISIS had a lot of western backing, but it’s good that some people are finally just coming out straight with it and admitting it. An … Continue reading

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Former BBC Reporter Pulls the Veil on Station’s Faked Syria Sarin Footage

This screenshot is of actors with “chemical burns” talking and walking like it’s a backyard BBQ with beer and chips. This screenshot is of someone who I think was Abu … Continue reading

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Sputnik’s Interview VS CNN’s Interview of Ex Ecuador President Correa. (Assange Story)

CNN’s tried to pin blame of US election hacking on Assange w/ a threadbare interview of Rafael Correa. 5 statements only, the rest was cut out. 1 – “We did … Continue reading

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Thousands of Anti-abortion Activists Gathered in Dublin, Ireland for the Annual Rally for Life.

According to the Irish Times, demonstrators marched with banners that said, “Abortion steals hope” and “the future is pro-life.” They chanted, “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho Simon Harris has to go.” … Continue reading

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Iran Tried to Divert British Tanker to Iranian Waters, But Retreated After a British Warship Warned Them.

BTFO WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Five boats believed to belong to Iranian Revolutionary Guards approached a British oil tanker in the Gulf on Wednesday and asked it to stop in Iranian … Continue reading

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UK Diplomat Wanted to “Flood” Whitehouse with Disinfo to Destroy the Trump Administration

Why is the UK Ambassador so jealous of Trump’s accomplishments? The phrase “success breeds jealousy” rings ever truer with every appearance of an adversary who sheds his skin. From the … Continue reading

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Ex Google Executive Accused of Running a Sex Ring

From Shane Trejo at Big League Politics Andy Rubin, a multi-millionaire former Google Executive who co-founded Android, is being accused of running an illicit “sex ring” where he paid extravagant … Continue reading

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Disney Molestation. Bella Thorne Was a Victim from Ages 6 to 14.

From Jazmin Duribe at Popbuzz dot com. Bella Thorne has been through the ringer lately, but she’s definitely coming out the other side. Last week, Bella Thorne’s Twitter account was … Continue reading

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These are 25 of the 128 African Slaves that Kamalla Harris’ Family Owned in Jamaica

-Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris is descended from Irish slave owner Hamilton Brown, the namesake of Brown’s Town in Jamaica, who recruited massive numbers of Irish migrants to Jamaica to … Continue reading

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AdidasUK Posts Racist Tweet.

This tweet is still up if you’re fast enough to check it. They messed up big time. It’s been up for two hours, and already has thousands of replies and … Continue reading

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The Project Veritas Video is Now Protected

Amid a record breaking slew of arrests of Democrat aligned human traffickers, the left retaliates by censoring conservative voices on social media.  The Google expose was very damaging and that’s … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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