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Li-Meng Yan Roasted by Virologists

American virologists ridiculed a bombshell claim by Chinese scientist-turned-‘whistleblower’ Li-Meng Yan that Covid-19 was produced in the Wuhan laboratory, as the news went viral across US media and social networks. … Continue reading

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Canadian who Works for Washington Post Exposes Fruitcake Falung Gong Cult Leader

  If you’re anti-trump you’re gonna love this video.  Even xenophobes will find this intersectionally informative since it appeals to their anti-chinese predisposition. This is an example of a nuanced … Continue reading

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Fluffy Puppy

Fluffy puppy, why are you so cute? So adorable and tiny. I love puppies! (This doesn’t mean I hate people) #OneMoment The messy hair flowing in the wind represents my … Continue reading

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World’s First Covid-19 Vaccine

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Honk* Honk* Israel is Jealous.


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Canadian V-Logger goes to Xinjiang. Finds a Nightclub with Uighurs and Chinese Dancing Together. (Video)

The club’s bouncers initially did not want him to record any footage on his phone. 3:44 Uighur singer. 4:37 Turkish music playing. Turkish Uighurs dancing to Turkish music. 6:12 more … Continue reading

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“State Affiliated Media Outlets.”

A change on Twitter happened this afternoon. Twitter has started labeling tweets by Russian and Chinese news outlets as “State affiliated media.”  Here is an example.   Let me show … Continue reading

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Let’s Debunk Xinjiang and Venezuela Day

Let’s debunk them all and laugh at Falun Gong, Sky News Australia, Mike Pompeo, and NDTV! These are just some of the things I’ve found while trawling Twitter for evidence. … Continue reading

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Parry and Riposte. Chinese Consulate Closure in Houston Benefits China. (Health and COVID19)

U.S. Claims Diplomatic Immunity For Covid-19 – Shuts Down Chinese Consulate From B 22/07/2020 On Tuesday the U.S. government ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas. The … Continue reading

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World’s first COVID-19 lung transplant recipient discharged in China

CGTN The good news comes 92 days after 65-year-old COVID-19 patient Cui Zhiqiang underwent lung transplant surgery in China’s Renmin Hospital at Wuhan University. He was discharged from the hospital … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s Warning About ‘Human to Human’ COVID19 Transmission in December Turns Out to be Fake.

Whoops! The cat’s out of the bag.  Taiwan: our best and most useless ally: part two. Taiwan’s claim that it provided early warning to the WHO about Covid and “human-to … Continue reading

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Did You Know That the NSA & CIA has Backdoors to Every Piece of Hardware You Own?

Every piece of hardware in the western world is injected with backdoors before they are sold to consumers on the retail level.  These backdoors give the CIA and NSA root … Continue reading

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Fixed That For You

Funny isn’t it? Everything that Bill Barr said here is the exact replica of what white ethno-nationalists have been saying about Israel for 10 years.  It’s almost as if Barr … Continue reading

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The Corona Virus is Spiking Again

I’m in the middle ground where I’m aware that certain groups want to exert control by forcing us into lockdowns and forcing vaccines that have not yet been properly tested. … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Businessweek Posts Racist Cover. Here’s What Triggered It.

Riding the bandwagon of nationwide protests, Bloomberg posts a racist cover contrasting Blacks versus Whites.  Is Bloomberg trying to incite a race war? If you carefully scan the picture above, … Continue reading

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Massive China Hack (Just Kidding, it was Israel). Australian PM Brushes it off with a “Ho-hum.”

Reuters SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A newly discovered spyware effort attacked users through 32 million downloads of extensions to Google’s market-leading Chrome web browser, researchers at Awake Security told Reuters, … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Protesters are Anti-BLM. Backstabs George Floyd Protesters.

Hong Kong’s ‘pro-democracy’ movement allies with far-right US politicians that seek to crush Black Lives Matter As a Hong Kong protest leader promotes far-right condemnations of US anti-racism demonstrations and … Continue reading

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The Myth of Tiananmen – And the Price of a Passive Press (NSFW)

By Jay Mathews. June 4, 2010. Mathews is an education reporter for The Washington Post. He was the paper’s first Beijing bureau chief and returned in 1989 to help cover … Continue reading

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Homeowner Tells Australian PM to Get off His Grass (Video)

Oy m8. Get off muh lawn ya bloody wankah!

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Australian News Crew Smashed by Police in DC (34 MB Gif)

Fascism right before our eyes. It’s bold, it’s HD, and it’s exclusively American. It’s beautiful. All that wasted energy criticizing China when the real enemy is right at your doorstep. … Continue reading

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Hong Kong

I remember Hong Kong fondly. “He took a deep breath of air. Once again he caught a strangeness on the wind, neither pleasant nor unpleasant, neither odor nor perfume—just strange, … Continue reading

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Not Good… Belleville Mayor with COVID-19 in November 2019.

Let’s check Tapinto dot net to see what the article says. BELLEVILLE – When Mayor Michael Melham visited his primary care physician Wednesday morning, he asked that the doctor test … Continue reading

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When the Going Gets Good, Try to Keep Things in Perspective

A number of countries have passed the peak of infection. We’ve built provisionary hospitals, enacted lockdowns, and fostered a need for communities to work together.  All of that did not … Continue reading

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Canada’s Early COVID-19 Cases Came from the US. Not China. Provincial Data Shows.

  Can we just get someone decent this time instead of Trump or Biden?  Tulsi, Bernie, or Jill Stein. Cmon. The National Post asked for data on the origins of … Continue reading

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Study: No Evidence of Manipulation of Chinese COVID-19 Data

  BEIJING (Xinhua): There is no evidence of manipulation of China’s Covid-19 data using Benford’s law, and its data should be used not only for calibration of models to inform … Continue reading

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Australia is Going Bonkers.

Australia: Let’s investigate China China: No. Tackling COVID is much more important. Australia: ABSURD. UNPRECEDENTED. SOVIET UNION! COMMUNISTS! China: Well excuuuse me princess.       Alex Downer. April 29 … Continue reading

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France: France’s CoronaVirus Might Not Have Originated from China (nor Italy)

This news comes to us from Radio France Internationale and was first reported by SCMP dot Com, (one of the most Anti-China news publications out there).  The Covid-19 virus which … Continue reading

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Can Men Get By on Big Bodyparts Alone?

Not in North America. Not if you listen to what women compain about their dating experiences. For every female profile that you see online, there is a guarantee for that … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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