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Black Desert Online is Burdened by Many Curses

Note: This is a developing story Alright. We are now at 2 months and 10 days talking about this subject. But I’ve been watching this closely for a lot longer … Continue reading

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Caitlin Johnstone Calls Frances Haugen a “Transparently Fake Whistleblower.”

Oohhhh, shots fired! Propagandists work so hard to manufacture our consent for the status quo even as more and more people, including extremely influential ones, begin questioning whether we’re being … Continue reading

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We are Winning (Video)

We are winning We are winning We are winning We are winning We are winning Highly vaccinated counties are considered “high transmission” counties according to Harvard. (2947 counties). Legit paper … Continue reading

10/17/2021 · 4 Comments

And They Still Want Me to Get the Vaccine. (Humor)

At first it was “A pandemic of the unvaccinated.” September 1, 2021. Then it was “A NEW RESEARCH has found that the vaccinated are less likely to be infectious.” October … Continue reading

10/15/2021 · 6 Comments

The Most Ideal Place

Where would be the most ideal place for survival in the future? Would you live in the remote mountains of Ireland? Or the lush green forests of India? Would you … Continue reading

10/15/2021 · 13 Comments

Sunday Update

Good morning everyone. I’m writing an update to the question that I wrote 3 days ago. We’ve Come to a Pivotal Point on the Information Front I regret to say that … Continue reading

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Fear for the Pfizer Vaccine is Genuine. Yet they Offer no Assuages. Only threats and Persecution.

It’s a monday morning, and that means that Pfizer is very busy promoting the mRNA vaccine on social media. These two articles appeared on Reddit this morning. Redditors are unable … Continue reading

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Randomly Generated Numbers (RNG)

Note: this is a developing story. Let’s visualize randomly generated numbers because this is so cool and because RNG is used in all video games. Alright, so you’ve heard about … Continue reading

09/16/2021 · 1 Comment

Two Interesting Articles at PubMed. India Found the Solution to the Delta Variant. Ivermectin.

Two PubMed articles Results: Ivermectin prophylaxis was taken by 76 controls and 41 cases. Two-dose ivermectin prophylaxis (AOR 0.27, 95% CI, 0.15-0.51) was associated with a 73% reduction of SARS-CoV-2 … Continue reading

09/09/2021 · 2 Comments

Sorcerers (Addition)

How many years has it been since I last played GuildWars2? Well, I can’t remember but I’ll share a strange story with you anyways. Some of us may have had … Continue reading

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The Vatican Sends a Message to South Korea

Neat. Pope holds Korean saint as model of faith and evangelization Pope Francis sent a message to Korean Catholics on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of … Continue reading

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Exodus 22:18 – Do not allow a sorceress to live Leviticus 19:26 – Do not eat any meat with the blood still in it. Do not practice divination or sorcery. … Continue reading

08/20/2021 · 9 Comments

Caution: Black Desert Online.

No text

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Black Desert Online Review (Not By Me)

Main critiques include: 1 – Story is bad. Theres nothing more to say here. 2 – PvP needs work – desyncing is awful and there is no small scale pvp … Continue reading

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The SAMSUNG Washing Machine that Would Dent Itself – More

Old machines have mechanical tolerances added into the design process by engineers who anticipate user error. This could include using heavier and more sturdy materials, to attaching beefier counterweights to … Continue reading

08/17/2021 · 2 Comments

The SAMSUNG Washing Machine that Would Dent Itself

How does a brand new washing machine break itself in just a matter of days? Design flaws and cheap materials! The SAMSUNG side loading washing machine -comes with a drum … Continue reading

08/14/2021 · 2 Comments

Canadian Chief Justice Heather Holmes Asks an Important Question

The judge also asked about possible contradictions in Frater’s summary of the case against Meng, that she told HSBC there was no risk of sanctions violations from Huawei or Skycom … Continue reading

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25 Million People Sign Online Petition for Fort Detrick Probe + Questions Raised by Italian Study Over Origins

25 mln Netizens Sign Online Petition for Fort Detrick Probe BEIJING, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) — A Chinese netizen-initiated petition urging the World Health Organization to probe the U.S. Fort Detrick … Continue reading

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Waging Biological Warfare – Ron Unz

First, over the decades it has been thoroughly documented that America did have a very substantial biowarfare program based at Ft. Detrick, originally established during World War II and then … Continue reading

08/12/2021 · 1 Comment

Black Desert Online’s Contribution to Saving the Environment

Really neat. Especially since they didn’t need to do this, but they went ahead and did it anyways. The team at Black Desert Online is planning to donate saplings to … Continue reading

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China, Russia, US. Negotiations. Today is a Busy Day.

US demands China to release Canadian spy Michael Spavor from prison. Amnesty International demands Biden to drop politically motivated charges against Julian Assange. Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s extradition hearing starts … Continue reading

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How Do We Prevent Wildfires?

How do we prevent wildfires? After seeing videos of the out of control wildfires in Eastern Russia and Greece, it made me think of how difficult it is to prepare … Continue reading

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Fires Around the World. August 8.

There is an interactive map at https://worldview .earthdata .nasa .gov/

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Tokyo Olympics 2021 (July 24 – August 8)

Congratulations to all the winners in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics! I didn’t catch a single match on TV, but it was fun watching the score boards! That’s what matters :D

08/08/2021 · 2 Comments

Advanz, Monsanto, and Amazon Fined. UK, China and Russia Relations Improve.

There’s no other way to go but up! Let’s climb this mountain together because: a) It helps the people who are in genuine need of support from their governments to … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Sky News Australia?

Sky News Australia has a raging hardon for Joe Biden. I’ve seen anger like this before on websites like Slate and Vox, when Trump was in office. There’s really no … Continue reading

07/24/2021 · 1 Comment

Pegasus Row: Amazon Shuts Down Infrastructure and Accounts Linked to NSO

The move comes a day after a global collaborative investigative project revealed that Pegasus spyware targeted people in several countries, including over 300 mobile phone numbers in India. By: Express … Continue reading

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Xinjiang Lavender Bloom

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What is Pilpul

This is the reason why the American financial infrastructure is hollowed out, the criminal justice system is broken, and the entertainment media powerhouses continually push for disunity. If you say … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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