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Saturday Night News.

First mass since its liberation in 2018; the St. Antiochan Orthodox Church in Syria. 3 White Helmets killed while smuggling explosives in an ambulance. New Wikileaks document on the OPCW. … Continue reading

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If You’re Wondering Why Sputnik is Prostrating Itself Before the US, Here’s Why

It was odd when super fluffy pieces started appearing on Sputnik News featuring the Israeli Spy organization Mossad the last two days. Especially given that it was the Mossad who … Continue reading

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Black Israelites Video.

A very interesting video. This man explains ancient Egyptian slavery from the Black Israelite perspective. At the same time he explains that Israel is you, Israel is promised to those … Continue reading

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New Jersey Shooting. Word on the Street Part 2

After word got out that people on GLP were discussing the New Jersey shooting, an entire squad of Israeli internet shills abandoned 4Chang for 12 hours and redeployed to GLP.  … Continue reading

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CNN’s Steve Brusk Resigns. NBC Universal’s Steve Burke to Step Down.

CNN’s #4 guy resigns after allegations of sexual misconduct. Steve Brusk has resigned today. It was only a month ago when Project Veritas went after Brusk with an expose on … Continue reading

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Ex NBA Commissioner David Stern Suffers a Brain Hemorrhage at New York’s Brasserie

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern has suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage and underwent emergency surgery on Thursday. Stern, 77, collapsed at New York City restaurant Brasserie 8 1/2 around 2pm … Continue reading

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BOOM HEADSHOT. Taylor Swift Calls Out George Soros, 23Capital and the Carlyle Group

Did Swift just put soros on blast? Lol — Cassandra Fairbanks 🕊✌️ (@CassandraRules) December 13, 2019 My entire catalogue was sold to Scooter Brauns ethical holdings, in a deal … Continue reading

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New Jersey Shooting. Word on the Street.

Digging around a little bit, it’s interesting to find that this story may be the subject of an incredibly deceptive misrepresentation. On the morning after the New Jersey shooting, someone … Continue reading

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US Forces Bombed Canadian Forces in Afghanistan

And, war lords were paid to provide security so they could attack American soldiers and create a need to spend more on security. https://  twitter  .com/RichardHanania/status/1204203579411587073   This twitter thread … Continue reading

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So Evangelics, When Can We Expect You Back at Sunday Catholic Mass?

So Judeo Evangelics, when can we expect you back at Sunday Orthodox Mass? So, how do we convince you judeo evangelics to start worshipping Jesus again? The Rapture is not … Continue reading

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White Privilege on Suicide Watch. Racists BTFO.

A new Presidential executive order calls for combatting anti-semitism on college campuses. The executive order takes funding away from colleges and universities that support BDS, and it was given the … Continue reading

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Greta Thunberg is TIME’s Person of the Year.

Oh I am going to get a lot of criticism for liking this. For once I approve of something that the mainstream media likes.  When I first heard her “How … Continue reading

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The Inspector General’s Report is WAY Bigger Than What Even Trump Supporters are Underselling it for.

Within 3 hours of the IG report being released, I saw several Trump supporters say that it was a nothing burger. A failure they said, simply on account that the … Continue reading

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Russia Pulls the Rug Out from Under Pelosi…Through Peace. Brilliant!

The uploader of this video tracked Pelosi’s movements across the media scape from 4 days ago. We find that during the course of dodging questions pertaining to the motivations behind … Continue reading

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This is International Banana Attention, and It’s Beautiful. Here’s Why.

Two days ago, someone had duct taped a banana to a wall and sold it for $120 thousand dollars. It was at an “Art Basel” exhibition in Florida, and it … Continue reading

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CNN Dips. House Judiciary Report Contains Zero Impeachable Offenses.

CNN was telling me all month that they had evidence of impeachable offenses. All month. I imagine it feels a hundred times worse for those people who listened to it.

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Pete Buttigieg Has a 0% Chance of Winning the Election

It’s a mess over on the left, much worse than it is over at the right. It all starts with this tweet. Alright, so that’s the intro to get the … Continue reading

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Eye of the Tiger by Jensen Ackles (Video)


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The Trump Impeachment Inquiry has Brought My Mum and I closer Together

For years, my mum and I have kept each other at arms length. She can never reveal her thoughts to me, and she always treats me like an adopted son. … Continue reading

12/05/2019 · 2 Comments

How to Drain a Clogged Sink

There are a few painless ways to clear those clogged pipes.  This will be relevant for those of us who like to cook greasy food, but sometimes forget to not … Continue reading

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CSIS: We Are Making Plans to Destroy China Right Now

Are you interested in seeing first hand how the people in the Military Industrial Complex think?  Tune in, it’s live right now. CSIS is the Center for Strategic & International … Continue reading

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Latest Happenings Tuesday Evening.

Au contraire mon Capitan! He’s back! The US house sanctions China for human rights reasons over Xinjiang’s vocational camps.  China plans to release a blacklist of Americans in retaliation for … Continue reading

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There are Still People Out There Who Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers

They might just be masochists for wanting to be lied to every single night It’s real Biden: the way, I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun … Continue reading

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We Are at War.

Larry Johnson is a former NFL player who traversed the dark and troubled seas of fame and power.  He saw the evil and the ways that it had affected his … Continue reading

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Top 10 Most Difficult Piano Pieces (Video)

  Musicians are truly incredible. How do you even remember all those keys in your head? And the composers? What manner of gifted eccentricities were they born with that allowed … Continue reading

11/30/2019 · 3 Comments

The Uyghur Re-Education Camps. Where’s the Terrorism Now?

The dynamics in this internet conversation reveals the raggedness of the brainwashed psyche.  Is it not better to have peace than it is to have conflict? On September 11, 2001, … Continue reading

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Online Bullying? Tips for Millennials.

Online bullying. It’s when you read things online and suddenly everything becomes personal. Does he know me? How did she know one of my biggest pet peeves? In many cases … Continue reading

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Google Stadia a Disaster, and Netanyahu Indicted.

Stadia is Google’s new cloud based gaming+streaming service. You may have seen that swishy red line down at the bottom of Google’s webpage two days ago. That was Google’s low-key … Continue reading

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Canada Supports the UN Resolution that Calls for the Establishment of a Palestinian State

Winning!  Thank you Jesus. Thank you Mr Trudeau. From the GlobeandMail Nov 20 2019. Israel has condemned Canada for voting for a United Nations resolution that calls for the establishment … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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