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Why I Rarely Speak of Trump’s Good Deeds

I’m Christian. The image above is not a proclamation of evil, rather it is a sign for caution. Trump is doing good deeds. Trust me on that. But I speak … Continue reading

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Chelsea Handler, One of the Left’s Heroes is an Actual Nazi Descendant

There’s not enough mental gymnastics in the world to explain how the Alt-Left holds Handler with high regard, while at the same time, accusing actual non-nazi Americans of supposedly being … Continue reading

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Seattle Men Acting Like Drones. Alex Jones Attacked with Scalding Coffee

Watch the way that Seattle’ite acts. It’s as if he had no compassion, no empathy, no remorse. It is inhuman to conduct oneself so flippantly. It’s the decay of society, … Continue reading

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Fmr NBA Star Charles Barkley Lays’a Smackdown on White ppl Pretending to be Black

When asked what we should do about the confederate statues, Barkley quipped: “I’m 54 years old. I’ve never thought about those statues a day in my life. If you ask … Continue reading

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Exciting Times. Cyber Space Command!

Statement by President Donald J. Trump on the Elevation of Cyber Command I have directed that United States Cyber Command be elevated to the status of a Unified Combatant Command … Continue reading

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The Democrepe.

A Missouri State Senator posted a controversial request on Facebook: “I hope Trump is assassinated!”  Now she’s under investigation by the secret service.  (Gee I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg will … Continue reading

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Well, Well, Well. Vice Appears to Have Broken Lefty Rule #1.

Rule No. 1 is to never reveal sympathy for terrorists! This tweet that Vice editors rushed to delete, shines a spotlight on the mindset of liberals!  It is this specific … Continue reading

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Why Hasn’t Twitter Banned These Users Yet?


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*Tick *Tock *Tick *Tock Alt- Left. The Hour Draws Near.

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The Alt-Left Winces at the COVFEFE. (Memories of the Media Circus)

                                  == == == == == Even I don’t know what Covfefe is, but … Continue reading

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Snopes Falls for it – Every – Single – Time. Snopes Don’t Read This.

After 10 months of the same damn tricks, Snopes still doesn’t get it. I’m facepalming again and again. Trump does not play fair!

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Intellectual Fascism

Trump condemns ISIS – “Trump is Raciss, Insensitief!    Trump condemns Charlottesville – “Trump is a KKK!!”  And you wonder why Hillary Lost the election.

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Liberals Hang on to Trump’s Every Tweet

Like sex starved masochists! The Fake News is quick to call Trump’s tweet a hoax. I’m here to scoff. Scoff I say! Scoff scoff scoff scoff.

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Majority of Central Europe Opposes Globalism

The survey commissioned by Hungarian right wing daily Magyar Idők polled people’s opinion in ten countries about European Union migrant quotas, receiving illegal migrants, the role of US financier George … Continue reading

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88% of Louisianans Disapprove of the Removal of Confederate Statues.

Surprisingly from fake news website CBS dot Com. The number was too high for them to rig. The main instigators of this recent wave of statue removals, are the individuals … Continue reading

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Moral Equivalency

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Want Proof that the World is Being Subjected to a Globalist Agenda?

Ever wonder why political holdovers from the Obama era, fear the saying “America First?” There had already been a plan to incrementally reduce the voting power of citizens from each … Continue reading

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*Tick *Tock *Tick *Tock

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Racist Guy Pretending to be “notRacist” and Doxxing NeoNazis Gets His Own Patreon Banned

Oh the Irony This is his twitter activity. He claims to not be a racist yet he targets only a specific group based on skin color. MSNBC interviews him and … Continue reading

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Pauline Hanson Enters Senate Wearing a Burqa

The One Nation leader entered the Senate shortly after Question Time began on Thursday afternoon. There were audible groans in the Senate as she entered and someone was heard saying … Continue reading

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Fascists Vandalize Peace Monument After Mistaking it for Confederate Statue

== == == == == == ==  The dove of peace is white, therefore it must be racist! == == == == == == ==

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When CNN Interns Secretly Subscribe to Your Blog

Thanks Jake. This could be the start of something beautiful.

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Liberals Still Believe that Celebs Offer Sage Wisdom

People promptly responded to LadyGagoo, notifying her that soldiers who were prone to self harm were not appropriate combat units in war.

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== == == == == == == ==    When Liberals fail at building relationships, thier first course of action is to call for…    == == == == == == … Continue reading

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Checking Out My Favorite Twitter Hashtag ‘White People.’ Now I Understand America

== == == ==PS: You can’t call me racist if I’m not white. Lah LA LA, LA LA Lah. Let’s watch more CNN.== == == ==  

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The Curious Flaws of the Alt-Right’s Leader Richard Spencer.

Who? Literally out of nowhere, came this guy, who had the PR backing of many shills. The self proclaimed inventor of the term ‘Alt-Right.’  Yet there is a dispute as … Continue reading

08/15/2017 · 2 Comments

Ready for the Pivot?

I’ve spent the last 3 days laying out the connections between Antifa and George Soros. Now it’s time to investigate the other side of the story! We’ll see what we … Continue reading

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The Series of Tweets that TheHill Forced Lorenz to Delete. Part 7.

Because it did not fit their agenda. Too bad everybody already had screenshots at the minute mark. Isn’t it time you subscribed to this blog?

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Video of Riot Police Corralling Unarmed UTR into Swarms of Armed AntiFa Protesters. Part 6.

Skip to the 53 minute mark. Unite the Right (UTR) had obtained permits for a peaceful demonstration months in advance. Antifa had not.  Antifa were armed with bricks, bats, bags … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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