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Hidden Talent on Youtube

It’s finally happened.  If there was ever such a thing as a video games derivative market, blog posts like this would be it. Instead of reviewing the video games themselves, … Continue reading

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YouTuber Matt Wayne Asked Me to Share This Video of a Banana

CNN’s latest Twitter ad was designed to push back against a strong perception that CNN is fake news. It did not work as well as they had intended, and even … Continue reading

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YouTube Feels so Shallow. (On the Outside)

There used to be a thing we all talked about, how websites would tailor their content to suit our tastes.  I’m not an expert on content delivery algorithms, and I’m … Continue reading

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Activision Patents Microtransaction-Based Matchmaking (Jim Sterling)

A short 10 minute video describing how a game company called Activision abuses its customers. Game engineers have devised a system that targets players by their in-game wealth, to move … Continue reading

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Good News: Nazi Soldier’s Granddaughter, Chelsea Handler’s Show Cancelled

From Chelsea Handler’s own Twitter page. Show cancelled, damage control initiated. Clickbait sadstory deployed.  Now how about Colbert? Can we cancel him too? Handler’s Nazi backstory can be found here: … Continue reading

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Record Low Turnout at the Emmys. Just Like Last Year.

This is from  Not a lot to say here, except that Hollywood always loses when Hollywood bets on Colbert, Alec Baldwin, and JK Rowling. I’m looking forward to more … Continue reading

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WADA Clears 95 Russian Athletes of Doping Charges

Good news that will hopefully cheer people up.  WADA, the World Anti Doping Agency is set to clear 95 out of 96 Russian athletes. There had been insufficient evidence to … Continue reading

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Homeland Security + FBI Officially Call Antifa “Domestic Terrorists.” Happy Friday Guys!

To the lament and wailing of liberals. Sweet, spectacular, and victorious ending. While they (liberals), were blogging Politico talking points, everybody else took the hard measure of documenting Antifa’s criminal … Continue reading

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Quick Update on the Driver of the White Car. Part 3. (Social Media)

Nikia Hicks works at Bass Pro. Here she says “I didn’t hit anyone,” but then she goes on to say “we” were trying to “stop.” A couple of people wanted … Continue reading

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Car Attempts to Ram Presidential Motorcade, Part 2. Video from Across the Street.

Not available on Youtube yet, but someone’s bound to upload it tonight. This is a video of the car as it came out of the bushes. It’s not a Taurus … Continue reading

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Odd Happening. Car attempts to Ram Presidential Motorcade. (Video + Sat Photos/Google Earth)

  Car tries to ram Presidential motorcade. This is the aerial view of the scene. The marked area indicates the location where the car appeared on video. Screen captures from … Continue reading

08/30/2017 · 1 Comment

Interesting. After Podesta Group Subpoenad, (R) Ron De Santis Now Wants to Halt funding for Mueller

This ammendment appears to cull investigations on a peculiar timeframe. What happened before June 2015 that De Santis does not want Mueller to find?  Mueller was already being praised for … Continue reading

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Most Aesthetic Presidential Couple (Part 2)

  Trump waving to the crowd     He’s not playing golf like Obama would that’s for sure!     Press conference.     Big trucks (Suburban SUVs)     … Continue reading

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Most Aesthetic Presidential Couple (Part 1)

  A great look for the president in tan khakis, black windbreaker, and all weather boots. The guy knows how to coordinate.  Melania in army colors and sexy stilletos. Wow! … Continue reading

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Dialing it Down a Bit

Alright, I’ve covered the Antifa/Charlottesville/UTR thing for 2 weeks, and even though it was fun, provocative, and entertaining, I’m going to dial it down a bit.  And the reason is … Continue reading

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BBC’s Big Mistake Defending Antifa, and HuffPo’s Bewilderment

The BBC yesterday, made it sound as if speaking ill of Antifa was somehow a conspiracy conjured up by right wing radicals.  Little did they know that the public was … Continue reading

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Interview With the Boy and the Father Who Were Violently Assaulted by Racist Antifa (Video)

It turns out the boy was not white as the Antifa had bragged about on Twitter. It looks more like the boy’s father had Mexican facial features. Antifa on Twitter … Continue reading

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Perverted Berkeley Lefty Sexually Assaults 16 yr Old Boy. Boy Has Unexpected Reaction.

This is the sick twisted world we live in. Berkeley Antifa protestors attract the sickest of perverts. Antifa activist tackles a 16 year old boy and causes the boy to … Continue reading

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Undercover Police Officer Looks Away While Liberal Activist Beats a Disabled Man Viciously

These were from the Charlottesvile counterprotest on the same day. This guy flashed his badge This is the guy who beat the disabled man with a stick Mob violence. See … Continue reading

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Fake News WaPo Edits Title At Least 5 Times on Antifa Assault Story

Media collusion just like in the lead up to the November elections. WaPo tries to minimize Antifa’s criminality by underreporting violent assaults on right wing demonstrators. The most remarkable thing … Continue reading

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Charlottesville Mayor Confronted by Citizens Shouting BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS. Minimal Coverage on Mainstream Media

On August 21, the Charlottesville mayor held a town hall meeting to condemn the Unite the Right rally.  In this short video, the mayor confirms that “outside groups” had participated … Continue reading

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4 Pictures of the Boston Rally that Cuck Schumer Called “Nazi” Speech.

In these pictures we see a black guy, an asian guy, an indian guy, several redheads, 2 hippies, and white folks. Does this really look like a nazi rally as … Continue reading

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Buh Bye Constitution. (At Least for VA, MD, and DC.)

Congress Quietly Passed a Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Homes – Only 1% Opposed It. By Rachel Blevins of The Free Thought Project A bill that will allow homes to … Continue reading

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African American Singer Targetted with Censorship on Youtube

To know who rules over you, simply find out who you’re not permitted to speak against. Well, I’ve been warning about the mainstream media for years, and to some extent, … Continue reading

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Guy Who Got Shot in the Balls Does a Reddit AMA

Reddit AMA stands for “ask me anything.” An open session where Reddit users ask the interviewee questions. He untroduced himself as “gotyourqueen” on the r/Phoenix subreddit. He claims there were … Continue reading

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Shot in the Cock, and You’re to Blame

You give looove a bad name. *air guitar.*  Wannabe badass Phoenix protester gets shot in the cock for kicking a tear gas cannister back into the police scrimmage line. He … Continue reading

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Antifa Hipsters vs BLM. Round 1. FIGHT!!!

08/20/2017 · 1 Comment

Oh You So Silly. USS JS MCCAIN Slams Into Merchant Ship.

Why China Should Fear USS J.S. MCCAIN yesterday. and Today.  Magic rats!

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Another Spectacular Victory for President Trump. (The Pershing Gambit.)

Despite a few injured Free Speech Rally attendees, what happened in Boston was in fact, another victory for President Trump.  Less than 50 or so gathered in that park for … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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