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Ukraine Has Exhausted its Supply of Able Bodied Men? Video of the Most American Mercenaries You’ll Ever Hear.

The Ukrainian army had lost so many actual Ukrainian men the last few months that they were forced to fuse foreign fighters into their ranks to fight their war for them. Here is a video.

And it’s not even a joke. Ukraine has been bleeding thousands of soldiers for a very long time now.

Ukrainian military casualties exceeded 12,000 during Kiev’s five-day counteroffensive, Russia’s Defense Ministry has claimed.

More than 4,000 Ukrainian troops were killed and another 8,000 injured between September 6 and 10 in the south and east of the country, ministry spokesman Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov said during a daily briefing on Sunday

But this doesn’t mean that anyone should feel sorry for the Ukrainian army. Just look at what they’re doing now to the citizens of Kharkiv. Civilians are accosted, and their names and the names of their relatives are taken for a forced conscription to the Ukrainian army.

I’ve joked before that Zelensky would send Ukrainians to their immediate deaths, and then proceed to send the women, then children. It doesn’t look like I misspoke.

Apparently the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Iryna Vereschuk has made a decree to hunt down teachers in the Ukraine. Teachers who have been teaching for years under the Ukrainian system of education are now considered criminals, and are subject to 12 years of imprisonment if they piss the wrong people off in corrupt shithole Kiev.

They made it look like the decree was only aimed at newly arrived Russian teachers, but this isn’t the case. Ukrainian education folks.

A Kherson University director was targeted for elimination. Who did she piss off?

You know, the news likes to paint Russia as some sort of evil society governed by archaic laws and barbaric customs. Our home grown news journalists are idiots.

I’m 90% certain that Zelensky has lost too many Ukrainian men already, so now the next step for NATO is to quietly push Polish, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Romanian regulars to fight at the front lines dressed up as mercenaries. You know…because German men are too expensive, Finnish men are too white for them to properly blend in, and Estonian men can’t fight.

I made fun of trannies before and here is the reason why. Someone had infiltrated the NAFO Discord channel and took screenshots for us to look at. They are tranny hires. Maybe they were hired specifically because of their sexual orientation.

NAFO is an NGO operation. They spread themselves far and wide shilling for the Ukraine. They’re partly responsible for the removal and censorship of thousands of videos of Donbass civilians being brutalized.

You see those cute dogs up there? So cute right? PG rated memes? Aimed at charming the everliving fuck out of underaged kids browsing Twitter? Connect the dots yet?

Trannies – cute dogs – underaged kids – Biden.

It is rumored that NAFO is primarily staffed by sex pests.

There’s a lot more but it is too much to cover for now.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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