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Jessica Leeds, the Person Who Claims to Have Been Raped By Trump, Wait What? Oh It’s an NYTimes Article. That Makes Sense Now.


One of the women who have come out to accuse Donald Trump of public rape may have had her story coached to her by the NYTimes. About as quick as the story broke out on the NYTimes, readers of the NYTimes pointed out glaring details.

We already know that the NYTimes is guilty of conspiring with the DNC and the Clintons for a number of years. The Bernie Sanders scandal brought to to the surface, numerous correspondences that proved that the majority of stories and news articles produced at CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, Vox, Politico, CBS, Washington Post, Slate and the Daily Beast, first must pass a vetting ritual with the communications teams working with the Clintons and the DNC.  This is why we call the mainstream news the “State run news media.”

Here’s a screenshot of what the NYTimes published about Jessica Leeds.


To start with, we’re going to ignore this notion that anyone can just get up and start grabbing breasts and pussies in a public jet. Much less in a large open space like the first class section of an airplane. In economy class, yes that would be plausible.  Barring the potential of the victim screaming for help, a person could do the things the NYTimes claims, if the cabin lights were dimmed. But still highly unlikely. In a plane filled with Americans, even less likely.

Secondly, Trump has a private jet. There would be no reason for Trump to use a public jet to travel.

The NYTimes claimed that “He was like an Octopus, his hands were everywhere.” This one caught a lot of people’s attention. Readers pointed out that this came from a song by the Velvet Underground. The Gift was a rock song released in 1968.  (Crappy song)

Sheila nibbled on a cuticle. “After last night, I
thought maybe you’d be through with him.”
“I know what you mean. My God, he was like an
octopus. Hands all over the place.”

On top of this, it appears that the NYTimes may have played copycat in the production of the story.  An article by the Guardian in January of 2014, described Coronation Street actor Bill Roache as an “Octopus. Hands everywhere.”



Fifth.  Someone noted, that the first class section of any plane, save for a very few, are furnished with these kinds of seats.

no-arm-restsNo retractable arm rests.  The reader pointed out that the two planes that most likely would have been used in the 80’s were the 737 and the 767. Looking up these two models online, you would find that the seats don’t have arm rests that move. Look at all that leg room. Does the NYTimes expect people to believe that not one person would have noticed? Retractable armrests are only available in the economy section.

Then I remember that it is the Clintons at work here. They lie to your face, flash you a smile, and think nothing else of it afterwards. This ain’t Toto anymore Alice.

Read more about Jessica Leeds here:




One comment on “Jessica Leeds, the Person Who Claims to Have Been Raped By Trump, Wait What? Oh It’s an NYTimes Article. That Makes Sense Now.

  1. Abe Wellington

    So far, the pictures I have seen of this woman at that age….I just find it difficult to believe. I wouldn’t let her touch me…And Donald at that age was better looking than me and much richer. This one dosen’t add up.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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