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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

The Unvaccinated Haven’t Changed.

If all you ever hear about chocolate is how good they taste, you will never ever form a balanced opinion about it. For example, child slave labor involved in harvesting cocoa, or theobromine poisoning which is associated with the overconsumption of chocolate.

If you’re only ever told the good things about chocolate, you end up only knowing half the story.

And that’s what CNN, Youtube, and the Mainstream Media do to keep large swaths of viewers entrenched inside narrow focus, curated batches of informational falsities. It’s repetitious, like chanting, over and over. The same 2 sets of lines again and again and again, because it works as a mechanism for psychological conditioning. It’s how prisoners of war are tortured in places like GITMO.

If you think about it, nothing has changed with the people who are unvaccinated. They’re still the same people as they were before. They are your brothers, sisters, sons, parents, friends. The only thing that has changed is the propaganda and how the vaccinated folks view them.

Take for example mainstream news sites like TheHill and TheGuardian, and the relative ease with which they call the unvaccinated people “Refuseniks.” No regards given to any slim chance that the word “Refusenik” would turn up being offensive. And as you all know, liberals are champions of social justice. The self appointed arbiters for inoffensive words and political correctness.

Refusenik (Russian: отказник, otkaznik, from “отказ”, otkaz “refusal”) was an unofficial term for individuals—typically, but not exclusively, Soviet Jews—who were denied permission to emigrate, primarily to Israel, by the authorities of the Soviet Union and other countries of the Eastern bloc.[1] The term refusenik is derived from the “refusal” handed down to a prospective emigrant from the Soviet authorities.

“Refusenik” was once a term used to describe a person who had been denied the right or privilege to emigrate. TheHill and TheGuardian now mock the unvaccinated as “Refuseniks,” because they refuse to consume a vaccine which TheHill and TheGuardian consider to be “modern day privilege.” Do you see how they twist things around to make everything upside down?

Nothing has changed. Only the propaganda has changed.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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January 2022
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